iSyndica Helps Users Safely ‘Promote’ Their Work

By Prne, Gaea News Network
Sunday, September 27, 2009

NASHUA, New Hampshire -

- Stock photographers and videographers can harness the power of social media through iSyndica’s safe and easy service.

With many photographers struggling to make a name for themselves, online visibility has become an indispensable professional tool. iSyndica’s latest feature, called “Promotion,” enables users to securely distribute their portfolio on social media and photo-sharing sites for free, thereby gaining visibility without jeopardizing the rights to their work. Initial supported sites include Flickr, Picasa, Facebook and Twitter. The feature will also be available to videomakers for seven popular video destinations, including BlipTV, Viddler, and YouTube.

Historically, image theft made professional photographers anxious about sharing their images on social media sites. And for good reason - the Stock Artists Alliance estimated in 2007 that such theft resulted in US$65 million of lost revenue for the industry. iSyndica’s Promotion feature addresses these concerns in a safe and easy way: distributed photographs are automatically watermarked and resized, effectively preventing their misuse.

“A year ago, I found out that several photos had been stolen from my Flickr Account. I stopped putting my images online after that,” says Lauren, a professional photographer. “If you look at the case of (Icelandic Photographer) Rebekka Guoleifsdottir, it can become very distressing. Some of her images were sold on eBay by an unauthorized company. iSyndica’s definitely taking the right approach and its watermark will be effective.”

“The new promotion functionality at iSyndica will greatly simplify a process that many photographers already do manually as part of their branding and marketing strategy. Even though it’s a repetitive task, few photographers would have considered trying to automate the entire process. It’s just too technically complex,” commented Lee Torrens from the popular microstock blog Microstock Diaries. “Now iSyndica has done it and made it easily accessible. I expect it will be well received.”

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