Unemployed Labelled Lazy in Their Job Hunting Habits

By The Rathbone Youth Charity, PRNE
Sunday, December 12, 2010

MANCHESTER, England, December 13, 2010 - The public is soft-hearted towards the homeless but has far less time for
the unemployed.

So says a survey, released today (Monday December 13th) by youth charity
Rathbone, into how society views the vulnerable.

Quizzing 300 people in 64 communities in England and Scotland, it reveals
that 67% of respondents thought people received too many benefits - while
just 15% reckoned the jobless were doing enough to get themselves off the

The study also showed that there is confusion about whether or not young
mums deserve state help. The jury is out on a second chance for young
offenders and there is wide-spread support for the return of national

While 30% of respondents thought teenagers were "promising" 22% simply
viewed them as idle. Words such as "unfortunate" and "vulnerable" dominated
how people saw the homeless - though a fifth thought they were "drunks" or
"junkies" and just 2% held out much hope for their future.

"It was heartening to see understanding being shown to some of those in
need but clearly that warmth didn't extend to the unemployed," said Rathbone
spokesperson, Peter Gibson. "When public sector jobs begin to disappear, it
will be interesting to see if people become more sympathetic - or just
entrenched in their view of the jobless."

Certainly many of the unemployed young people Rathbone hooks-up with are
making every effort to find work - but have been hampered by chaotic home
lives and lack of opportunity. Included in that number are teenage parents
and youngsters rendered homeless as young as 14. Rathbone has also played a
major part in the Dadealus project situated within the Heron Unit at Felton
Young Offenders Institution. Some 80% of the young people Rathbone works with
move on to college or work.

Caroline Price from the Big Issue in the North added: "Homeless people
often face several barriers to getting a job and keeping it. We know that
some of our vendors go on to get jobs and improve their lives and so we
remain optimistic."

For further information: Please contact Peter Gibson on +44(0)7879-248-722.

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