Kyodo News, 2 Partners Launch Online Site on Facebook for Donations from Abroad

By K.k. Kyodo News Japan Platform Paypal Japan K.k., PRNE
Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Japan Platform, PayPal Join Kyodo in "Heart to Heart Japan311" Project -

TOKYO, April 14, 2011 - On April 14, K.K. Kyodo News, Japan Platform (an NGO for disaster relief)
and PayPal (a leading global online payment platform) set up a donation
window on the Facebook website (Heart to Heart Japan311) that can receive
relief money quicker and more securely from overseas people for help with
disaster relief efforts for the Great East Japan Earthquake. The window is on
Facebook's Kyodo News English site (,
featuring information associated with the earthquake.

K.K. Kyodo News launched the Great East Japan Earthquake Facebook site on
March 15 to post information related to the disaster and Fukushima nuclear
plant crisis to help Facebook users — said to be more than 500 million all
over the world — and over 94 million active PayPal users in 190 markets
worldwide to better understand the country's realities.

The holder of a PayPal account can contribute relief money — from 5 to
max. 500 US dollars per donation. Push the "Offer Assistance" button on the
top of the Kyodo site, select the amount of your donation, and you can make
your payment faster and safer by online settlement.

Japan Platform is a nonprofit organization undertaking international
humanitarian projects around the world in association with NGOs, businesses
and governments as equal partners. Japan Platform will use the donations
collected through the PayPal online payment platform for such purposes as
distribution of relief goods, medical support and reconstruction of the daily
lives of disaster victims. The results of this relief effort are planned to
be published occasionally on the Kyodo News site.

K.K. Kyodo News, Japan Platform and PayPal are appealing for more help,
although Japan has received tremendous support and assistance from many
countries, companies, organizations and citizens all over the world since the
earthquake occurred. Still, "the regions and people affected by the disaster
need your kind help."

Japan Platform (JPF) (

A nonprofit organizations set up by NGOs, companies and citizens as a new
channel for Japanese international contribution. JPF is engaged in a broad
scope of activities, including distribution of relief goods, medical
assistance and mental care, for disaster victims, conflict-displaced people
and other disadvantaged people across the world. Since its establishment in
2000, JPF has provided relief worth 1.38 billion yen to 33 countries and
regions through 605 projects (as of February 2011).

PayPal (

PayPal service is the faster, safer way to pay and get paid online. With
more than 94 million active accounts*(Note 1) in 190 markets and 25
currencies around the world, PayPal enables global ecommerce. PayPal Inc., a
U.S. company offering leading global online payment service, is based in San
Jose, California
, and its international headquarters in Singapore (PayPal
Pte. Ltd.). *(Note 1): active accounts are those that have had activity in
the past 12 months

K.K. Kyodo News (

A commercial arm of Kyodo News, Japan's leading news agency serving
practically all domestic newspapers and radio/TV stations. It is engaged in a
broad range of services, including the supply of news and photos/videos to
non-media subscribers such as governments and businesses, publication of
books and magazines, and hosting of seminars and other events.

(K.K. Kyodo News Facebook site)

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