New Accountancy Jobs up 5%, Bucking Flat Trend Elsewhere

Monday, September 5, 2011

LONDON, September 6, 2011 -

- Reed Qualified Accountancy Index rises to 134

Demand for newly-qualified accountants rose by 7 points (5 per cent) in August compared to July, according to the latest Reed Job Index figures, in direct contrast to the flat demand for new staff experienced across the UK economy as a whole.

Growing demand for qualified accountants gave a Reed Qualified Accountancy Index figure of 134 in August, with new jobs 22 per cent above this time last year and 34 percent higher than when the Index was set at 100 in December 2009. In contrast, the Reed Job Index stayed at the same level in August as in July, to read 122.

Salaries on offer for those in newly-qualified accountancy jobs stayed at the same level in August compared to July, at 98. However this also demonstrated higher demand than the average experienced across the jobs market as a whole, as the over-all Reed Salary Index declined to 97, three per cent lower than when the Index began.

While demand for non-qualified accountants followed the national trend by remaining at the same level in August at July, it still outstripped the national figures. The Reed non-qualified Accountancy Index is 28 per cent higher than 12 months ago, and 30 per cent above the level when the Index began, at 130. The Reed Salary Index for non-qualified accountants reads 101, one per cent above the salary level when the Index started.

Martin Warnes, Managing Director of, comments on the Reed Accountancy Job Index for August: 

It is really striking to see that demand for qualified accountants has continued to rise in August, in contrast to the flat job demand experienced elsewhere across the economy. Even demand for non-qualified accountants is nearly a third higher than when our Index began, and salaries for both fully and partially qualified accountants are holding up better than those in many other sectors.

“Clearly at a time when employers are struggling to grow their businesses, it is qualified and part-qualified accountants who top their wish-lists for valuable new staff. While salaries are still being pegged close to 2009 levels, they are holding up better than across the economy as a whole, demonstrating just how important accountancy skills are seen to be at this stage of economic recovery.”


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