New Assay-Ready Chemical Supply Service Launched by Peakdale and Molplex

By Peakdale Molecular Ltd, PRNE
Monday, November 8, 2010

NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE and CHAPEL-EN-LE-FRITH, England, November 9, 2010 - A pioneering new assay-ready, on-demand chemical supply
service has been announced today as the result of a partnership between
Molplex and Peakdale Molecular.

The new service will radically cut the cost of accessing
chemical libraries for drug discovery by providing sophisticated chemical
selection systems, allowing customers to choose only those chemicals most
likely to be useful and only in the quantity and format they need for a

Eliminating the high start-up costs of chemistry in early drug
discovery, the service aims to empower the emerging ecosystem of "Micro
Pharmas" by helping them to succeed at inventing new medicines at lower cost.

Molplex CEO David Leahy said: "Peakdale and Molplex share the
same vision of delivering high quality chemical services on demand that
enable innovative drug discovery teams to invent new medicines. We're
committed to offering high quality chemical supply services at low cost by
using novel technology and allowing customers to order economically and

Peakdale CEO, Ray Fisher said "We have over 25 years
experience in providing high quality and knowledgeable chemical synthesis and
supply support to the world's largest pharmaceutical companies. Molplex's
highly innovative on demand drug discovery service puts our high quality
chemistry and deep chemical experience at the service of drug discovery teams
based anywhere in the world."

About Molplex

Molplex was created by David Leahy and Vladimir Sykora to help
anyone anywhere in the world invent new medicines by making sophisticated
drug discovery information and laboratory systems available on-line and on
demand. CEO David Leahy previously founded Cyprotex PLC, now the world's
largest ADME Tox service supplier. The Molplex team has extensive drug
discovery experience and has developed sophisticated software systems for
automated drug design. For more information visit

About Peakdale

Peakdale Molecular based in Chapel-en-le Frith, Derbyshire has
been established as a provider of research services to the pharmaceutical and
biotechnology industry since 1992. In state of the art laboratories with over
90 chemists it continues to provide problem solving expertise from discovery
to scale up across Europe and the USA. For more information on Peakdale
Molecular, please visit

    Contact Details

    David Leahy, CEO, Molplex Ltd.,
    Tel: US: +1-408-905-2900
    Europe: +44-191-211-196

    Dr. Mick Durrant, Director of Business Development,
    Peakdale Molecular Ltd.
    Tel: +44-1298-816-700

Contact Details: David Leahy, CEO, Molplex Ltd., info at, Tel: US: +1-408-905-2900, Europe: +44-191-211-196; Dr. Mick Durrant, Director of Business Development, Peakdale Molecular Ltd., enquiries at , Tel: +44-1298-816-700.

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