Over 40,000 Food Professionals at FiA | Hi | Ni China 2010

By United Business Media, PRNE
Tuesday, June 29, 2010

SHANGHAI, June 30, 2010 - FiA | Hi | Ni China 2010, alongside Food Ingredients Shanghai (FIS 2010)
and CPhI China 2010, kicked off at Shanghai New International Expo Center on
June 2nd-4th, 2010. Professionals from the global food's raw materials and
ingredients market gathered under one roof in the main event of the industry.

As the largest food ingredients exhibition in Asia, FiA | Hi | Ni China
FIS has taken on a very positive momentum in growth. It has become a
trendsetting exhibition in the food ingredients industry. Since its
introduction, FiA | Hi | Ni China FIS's ever-increasing visitors and positive
feedbacks have contributed to its success as a top-notch international trade
platform in Asia.

Ever-increasing exhibitors and visitors

FiA | Hi | Ni China FIS 2010 was co-located with CPhI & ICSE China 2010,
P-MEC China 2010. The interlinked multiple exhibitions, covering all areas of
Food ingredients, Natural ingredients, Health ingredients, Pharmaceutical
ingredients and Pharmaceutical Machinery & Equipment, offered the visitors an
all-round purchasing platform.

Over 2000 companies have exhibited in the show, including many relevant
companies from different countries and regions outside of China, such as
America, Germany, Britain, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Belgium, Italia
and Taiwan.

During the three-days exhibition, 42,755 visitors from 102 countries had
attended the show. The top six countries were: China, Japan, India, Taiwan,
Korea, USA and Germany. FiA |Hi | Ni China FIS, through the hard work of the
organizer, has become an indispensable trade platform for the industry and
made great positive contribution to the development of the Chinese food
material and ingredient industry.

The power of functional foods is the key to Fi Asia-China's success

Ni and Hi were developed by the show organizer, UBM in order to respond
to the food industry's growing interest in the application of health and
natural ingredients to improve product quality and consumer health. China's
ancient practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which is based on the
philosophy of health and wellness through natural ingredients, made it the
perfect location for visitors to explore the world's most established source
of functional ingredients.

There are over 8,000 registered TCM ingredients in China, and many are
being tested by major international corporations like Unilever and research
organizations such as Wageningen University for use as functional food
ingredients. China is already the leading supplier of herbal extracts like
artemisinin, solanesol, St. John's wort and gingko extract, and is set to
become a major source of "superfruits" like Goji and seabuckthorn berries
which are gaining worldwide attention.

Hi/Fi Asia-China provided the ideal platform for companies searching for
high quality suppliers of these ingredients. Event Director, Vincent Brain
says "The Chinese consumer is becoming more sophisticated. As buyers start to
look beyond price, there is an increased demand for products that have
demonstrable health benefits. Companies such as Nestle and Coca Cola have
established R&D bases in China to develop products for both the domestic and
the international market. These shows are designed to bring suppliers of
functional and natural ingredients - both Chinese and international - to the
attention of major industry players."

Industry experts shine a light on key trends in China

The International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFoST) developed
a high-level conference program highlighting the ingredients industry's
business critical issues in China. Functional ingredients and their role in
combating obesity was high on the agenda, as was the New Foods Innovations &
Food Safety, one of the most high profile issues effecting the food
ingredients industry. A captive audience was present to hear how the crucial
issues of food safety in China is impacting the global supply chain for

Featuring the most influential industry experts in China, the conference
addressed today's most crucial issues on "Regulatory Approval of New
Varieties of Food Additives in China" and "The Application of Food Additives
in Liquid and Baking Food", organized by Shanghai Food Additive Trade
Association. All conferences and showcases attracted 825 attendees, and have
been organized and concluded successfully.

Ringier Technology Innovation Awards & Showcase 2010

Ringier Trade Media Ltd.'s China Food Manufacturing Journal, the leading
food industry magazine in China, announced the winners of the 2010 Ringier
Technology Innovation Awards for the Food & Beverage Industry on June 3rd at
SNIEC. The awards were officially supported by FiA | Hi | Ni China FIS.

27 winners were selected by a panel of experts and were honoured for
their contribution to the success of China's food and beverage industry in
the areas of food Ingredients, Packaging, Processing, Food Safety and Others.
The winners include 27 global and local market leaders such as DSM, Roquette,
Cargill, ABB, Yiming Biological and Shanghai Huabao Peacock Flavour &
Fragrance. The Award gathered more than 120 representatives, including
decision-makers of the winning companies, judge group, exhibitors'
representative, Ringier magazine readers and media.

The world's fastest growing market for ingredients

The promise of cost effective, safe ingredients is a major factor in the
industry's enthusiasm for Fi Asia-China. However, equally enticing was the
opportunity to explore the incredible potential of the Chinese market. As Mr.
Brain explains, "Whilst the present economic climate has hit consumer
confidence, the Chinese food industry is still expected to grow an additional
109% by 2013. China's new middle class remains a resilient market for
international companies looking to protect their revenues as core markets

The company attributes the success of the show to its efforts to
continually evolve its content to meet the demands of the functional
ingredient industry and provide a showcase for growing global markets.

    Show details
    Fi Asia-China, Hi China and Ni China 2011
    June 21-23, 2011
    Shanghai International Exhibition Center
    Shanghai, China
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