Owlient Launches new Facebook Social Game

By Owlient, PRNE
Sunday, December 12, 2010

PARIS, December 13, 2010 - Owlient, the French online game editor known for games such as Howrse.com
and Babydow.com, has now launched its first Facebook game, called 'Howrse for

With this new game, Owlient expects to reproduce its previous success
with web games but in the social platforms environment.

The company's most popular game, Howrse.com is now present in 12
different markets and Owlient has reached more than 15 million registrations
all over the world. The idea is to replicate this big success from a
different platform while continuing to develop its leading role in the field
of social games.

'Howrse for Friends' players will be able to build up their own
equestrian centre, request the help of other users to lend a hand with its
construction, breed their own horses and organize competitions amongst

The goal is for users to become the best breeder or the best equestrian
centre director amongst all their friends.

The company expects to benefit from Facebook's network and to continue
growing its customer base of horse lovers. Currently, the game is only
available in French but an English version will follow soon.

Furthermore, Owlient plans to launch a new iPhone version of Howrse.com
during the first semester of 2011 and, following its the roll out of Dutch,
Italian, Turkish, Polish and Swedish versions of the game, the company will
continue its internationalisation process with new versions of its horse
games (www.howrse.com/) in different countries.

With all these projects planned, Owlient expect to consolidate its five
years of experience in the simulation game and virtual goods world and
continue to build a strong presence in the industry.

About Owlient:

Owlient gathers game enthusiasts and allows them to extend their hobby
online and share it with other players.

Owlient design games that offer maximum interaction between players, and
its games are played by thousands of players, which enables it to build a
virtual world with users participating in its evolution.

Today, Owlient offers games for people who are passionate about horse
racing games (www.howrse.com/classements/general), pony games
(www.howrse.com/inscription/inscription), child care games and fashion
games, with its games being available in six languages (French, English,
German, Russian and Portuguese). Owlient's efforts are directed toward
designing new games for people who are passionate about playing them.

    PR Contact:

    Mr. Olivier Issaly
    26 Rue Chambéry
    75015 Paris


PR Contact: Mr. Olivier Issaly, CEO, Owlient, 26 Rue Chambéry, 75015 Paris, +33155765620

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