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By Kgb, PRNE
Wednesday, November 17, 2010

CARDIFF, Wales, November 18, 2010 - In a digital age where many people will 'meet' you online before they
meet you in person, never before has it been so essential to maintain your
online reputation in order to accurately reflect the real you.

One quick-fire way of achieving this is through the recently-launched
people search ( engine, kgbPeople
(, which can help to ensure your online presence
is as impressive and professional as your real-life one.

In recent years, the ascent of social media means that our online
behaviour can have a huge impact on our everyday life - without us even
realising. A key example of this is how companies turn 'detective' on
potential job applicants in an attempt to learn more about them.

In a recent survey, 70% of HR workers in the U.S. admitted to rejecting a
job applicant because of his or her internet behaviour - a damning indictment
of how employers seeking candidate information can be, in many cases wrongly,
put off pursuing a particular applicant who would be totally none the wiser.

kgbPeople could prove particularly useful in instances where online
information, available to the watching world, is outdated or just plain
wrong. Consumers using kgbPeople can set alerts so that they receive an email
whenever their name comes up on a long list of websites, search engines, and
social networks.

With the free service offering at kgbPeople, users can create their own
individual profile that enables them to manage information written about them
on the internet, effectively setting the record straight, putting them in
control of their online image.

From a searching perspective, enables users to find long
lost relatives, friends, and even celebrities. With advanced searching and
spider algorithms that pinpoint relevant information, you can conduct an
extremely comprehensive online search for any name.

The website delves deep into social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn
and Twitter; search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, as well as
numerous other sources including video and photo sharing sites like YouTube
and Flickr.

And you can enjoy all the benefits of kgbPeople on the go with the new
kgbPeople App, compatible with both iPhone and Android operating systems.


kgb is a privately held, New York-based company and the world's largest
independent provider of directory assistance and enhanced information
services. During its fifteen year history, kgb has built some of the most
successful and recognizable retail brands in the telecommunications and
enhanced information services sector. kgb's European retail brands include
The Number 118 118 in the United Kingdom and Le Numero 118 218 in France,
both of which are leading players in their respective markets.

In addition this year in the U.S. and Europe, kgb launched, a people search ( engine
that enables consumers to monitor their profile on the Web, set alerts, and
manage their reputation online.

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