Positive Momentum Continues Despite Recession

By Spie, PRNE
Monday, April 12, 2010

PARIS, April 13, 2010 - Despite difficult economic conditions, particularly in the 2nd
half, 2009 proved to be a good year for SPIE. It posted turnover of EUR 3.7
and its operating profit of EUR 182.5 was on target. SPIE's 4.9%
return on turnover makes SPIE one of the top performers in its sector.

SPIE's financial structure continued to improve in 2009. With
a negative working capital requirement for the fourth year running, the cash
flow generated by the Group exceeded its targets.

The Group's net debt fell sharply, with a debt/EBITDA ratio
down to 3.2 this year.

2009 proforma turnover: EUR 3.73 billion, down 0.6%

Operating profit for the period: EUR 182.5 million, up 6%

In 2009, SPIE pushed ahead with development based on external
growth. The Group made 11 acquisitions, representing turnover of EUR 100
, its principal acquisition being WHS in the UK, an electrical and
instrumentation services provider in the energy sector.

Business in France fared better than elsewhere in Europe,
thanks in particular to investment projects by local, regional and national

The growth drivers in the energy sector, oil & gas, nuclear,
renewables, all delivered in 2009.

The quality of SPIE's relations with its clients and the
determination of its teams to meet ambitious targets were key assets in
maintaining a high quality performance and withstanding the recession in

Breakdown of turnover 2009

                                          Turnover    Change in turnover
    In EUR millions                         2009
    SPIE Ile-de-France Nord-Ouest             468               4.5%
    SPIE Est                                  235             - 6.4%
    SPIE Ouest-Centre                         415             - 3.8%
    SPIE Sud-Ouest                            360               0.1%
    SPIE Sud-Est                              335             - 3.0%
    TOTAL multitechnical services
    (France)                                1,814             - 1.2%
    Germany                                    31            - 14.3%
    Morocco                                    71               8.0%
    Spain                                      54             - 8.4%
    Portugal                                   49               0.0%
    Belgium                                   148            - 15.7%
    Netherlands                               278             - 4.3%
    United Kingdom                            366             - 6.1%
    TOTAL multitechnical services
    (excluding France)                        997             - 6.4%
    SPIE Nucléaire                            148               8.9%
    SPIE Communications                       279             - 1.3%
    SPIE Oil & Gas Services                   488              13.7%
    TOTAL speciality services                 915               8.0%

    TOTAL SPIE pro forma                    3,725             - 0.6%

Outlook: SPIE, a player in the green economy

Despite a very uncertain economic climate, SPIE retains
confidence in its corporate model based on a portfolio of recurring contracts
which enable it to generate sustainable growth.

The Group is strengthening its position in a developing market
based on a more restrained economy in terms of energy, particularly "carbon"
energy. The very nature of its business lines puts SPIE right up in front
when it comes to providing practical solutions which take account of energy
price increases and the growing need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. SPIE
is therefore firmly committed to the green economy and is mobilising its
innovation capabilities to meet its clients' energy and environmental
challenges over the long term.

"Although the Copenhagen Summit failed to live up to all its
promises, it established once and for all the urgent need for global action
to develop an economy that recognises the scarcity of natural resources,
especially energy, and which can cope with the challenges of climate change.
SPIE engineers and technicians are particularly well placed to help our
clients optimise their use of energy and raw materials, in preparation for
the transition to a low carbon economy," said Gauthier Louette, CEO of the
SPIE Group.

About SPIE

A European leader in electrical, mechanical and climate
engineering and communication systems, SPIE improves our quality of life by
helping authorities and companies design, produce, operate and maintain
facilities which are energy-saving and more respectful of the environment.

With nearly 400 sites in 30 countries and 28,500 employees, in
2009 SPIE generated turnover of EUR 3.73 billion and an operating profit of
EUR 182.5 million.

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