Preval Expands Global Sales With Exclusive Distribution Agreement in Israel

By Preval, PRNE
Wednesday, August 24, 2011

CHICAGO, August 25, 2011 -

- Preval and Shachamorov Import and Marketing Ltd. join forces to distribute Preval products in Israel.

Preval has announced an expansion in global sales and distribution of its products through an agreement reached with Shachamorov Import and Marketing Ltd., based in Rosh Haayin, Israel.


Preval manufactures the professional-grade Sprayer, a unique product that provides an affordable, portable and precise alternative to compressor-dependent spray guns. It also recently added the vFan Portable Airbrush System to its product line. Like the Sprayer, the vFan Airbrush is able to deliver professional results, including hairline detail and fan patterns, at a fraction of the cost and effort of competitors’ airbrush and spray systems.

Preval has made significant investments in bringing its products to the international marketplace in the last 18 months, adding foreign-country master distributor agreements in Turkey and the Philippines in addition to Israel. It is actively seeking distributors in many other countries. Paul Roche, Preval’s vice president of sales for international markets, said global accounts are central to Preval’s long-term growth strategy.

Shachamorov is involved in manufacturing, marketing, importing and distribution of paints and chemicals. Under the terms of the agreement, Shachamorov will be the exclusive distributor of Preval products in Israel.

“The Preval Sprayer is small and light and you don’t need a compressor to use it, so it is very mobile. It also has less overspray and is more accurate than traditional spray guns,” said Efi Shachamorov, the company’s general manager. “We sell to furniture-making stores, and our customer base has a need for a mobile device that can handle jobs that typically require large machinery.”

About Preval:

Preval is a rapidly expanding manufacturer of aerosol-based products that deliver consistent, professional spray results. Headquartered near Chicago, Preval is a world leader in the paint and coating industry and offers consumers and industrial entities the most innovative products powered by its proprietary aerosol technology. Preval’s products are affordable, precise, portable and disposable, and used in a variety of industries such as automotive, aerospace, marine, hardware, and arts and crafts. Through its partner company, Chicago Aerosol, Preval offers a wide range of contract filling and private labeling services. Preval currently is sold in more than 50,000 stores throughout the United States as well as hundreds of outlets around the globe. Learn more at

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