Quarter of Schools Celebrate Valentine's Day

By Www.schoolstickers.co.uk, PRNE
Saturday, February 12, 2011

64% Hold an Event or Party and 9% Actually Theme Lessons

LONDON, February 14, 2011 - It seems that almost a quarter of schools (23%) do something to celebrate
Valentine's Day. Of those, 64% hold an event or party, 55% make cards, and 9%
actually theme a lesson.

The survey by www.SchoolStickers.co.uk, the leading provider of
school rewards, found that of those schools that don't celebrate the day, 94%
say it is just not part of their calendar of events, but 11% say that it is
because they do not want to encourage relationships between pupils.

Whether encouraged or not, the study found that 50% of schools allow
pupils to hold hands with each other, 44% allow hugging, and 6% allow
kissing, but in 40% of schools no physical contact is allowed between pupils.
However 26% of teachers have caught pupils showing inappropriate affection to
each other.

Henry Shelford, CEO, www.SchoolStickers.co.uk said, "This survey
was just a bit of fun to gauge teacher's opinions on Valentine's Day. Schools
often use key calendar events to theme lessons and hold events, but it seems
that Valentine's Day isn't embraced by everyone."

Notes to Editors

School Stickers was launched in October 2000 and its products are used by
over 3,000 schools across the UK. In October 2006 it launched
www.mystickers.co.uk. It uses the rewards that teachers have used for
decades - stickers, postcards and certificates - but saves them time, as each
reward can be printed with a unique code and the onus is on the pupils to log
their rewards themselves on www.mystickers.co.uk. Since then over
400,000 students have used the www.mystickers.co.uk system and over 2
million stickers have been registered.

In September 2009, School Stickers launched
www.carrotrewards.co.uk, to enable teachers to customise their own
reward scheme. It is completely free and whilst designed to be used with
School Stickers, can be used with any rewards scheme. It allows teachers to
manage rewards, run competition from simple class league tables, to complex
multilayered competitions, and keep pupils engaged.

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