RAM Helps Keep Meningitis Cyclists on Track

By Remote Asset Management ram, PRNE
Thursday, July 14, 2011

LEEDS, England, July 15, 2011 -


Four cyclists from Leeds have successfully completed their
marathon charity ride from the champagne bar Epernay in Leeds city
centre to the French town of Epernay with the help of a generous
donation from href="www.remoteassetmanagement.co.uk">Remote Asset
Management (RAM).

Leeds-based vehicle tracking company RAM donated its award
winning technology to the team of ambitious fundraisers.

The 7 day, 500 mile epic challenge to raise £2000 for Meningitis
UK was the team’s first. Commenting on their endeavours Tom
, Epernay Leeds general manager said: “We have talked about
doing something like this for a long time and it looks like all the
planning paid off. Apart from a couple of punctures and a broken
spoke, the bikes performed well and we’ve all coped extremely well
too with the long hours in the saddle - having lots of supporters
following us and href="remoteassetmanagement.co.uk/">tracking our
progress really kept us motivated when we were tired.”

Tom along with Adi Zaimi of Brio Pizza at Thorpe Park lead the
team of cyclists and support crew from Leeds city centre down
through the Midlands to Newhaven. They then caught the ferry to
Dieppe before setting off again to Epernay, in North East

Leaving from Epernay in Great George Street, Leeds at 6.00am on
28th June, the team, comprising friends and
colleagues from the bar and restaurant, arrived in Epernay town
just after 1.00pm on Monday 4th July.

“I am absolutely delighted for Tom and the team not only for
completing their challenge but for meeting their fundraising target
too,” commented Chris. “Our tracking technology is usually used for
fleet vehicle
management but it also enables supporters following charity
activities such as this to feel really involved by being able to
see exactly where the cyclists are on their route.

“We have had some fantastic feedback about the difference it
makes, not only in terms of boosting the numbers of supporters but
donations too - and after all that’s what it’s all about.”  

RAM’s vehicle tracking system, fitted to the race team’s support
vehicle, provided live gps positioning data that could be viewed on
the href="www.epernaychampagnebars.com/">www.epernaychampagnebars.com
 and   href="thorpepark.brios.co.uk/">thorpepark.brios.co.uk

Notes to Editors

  • Award-winning industry leader, RAM has over href="www.remoteassetmanagement.co.uk/tracking/casestudies">3,000
    clients across the UK and has fitted more than 20,000 vehicle
    tracking devices since it was founded in 2004
  • Meningitis UK has a single focus - to find a vaccine to protect
    against all forms of meningitis and associated diseases href="www.meningitisuk.org/">www.meningitisuk.org/
  • Every week, six families have to face the sudden tragedy of
    losing a loved one to this devastating disease
  • Meningitis UK’s Search 4 a Vaccine campaign aims to
    raise £7million to help fund cutting-edge research to find a
    preventative vaccine and save thousands of lives in the future
  • Champagne and cocktail bar, Epernay Leeds opened in 2005 and is
    situated at 12 Great George Street, Leeds
  • Brio Pizza opened in May 2009 and is at 4600 Century Way,
    Thorpe Park Industrial Estate, Leeds.

Press Contact: Katie Galvin: href="mailto:Katie@prthatworks.com">Katie@prthatworks.com,


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