Rocketseed Announces the Release of Rocketseed Mail, an Email 2.0 Marketing Solution

By Rocketseed, PRNE
Monday, September 12, 2011

LONDON, September 13, 2011 -

Rocketseed announced the introduction of Rocketseed Mail, an Email 2.0 digital marketing solution that revolutionizes the way companies think about their everyday email correspondence. The most recent version of Rocketseed Mail, which was launched today, transforms a company’s emails from being only a basic channel of communication into a dynamic, interactive marketing and sales productivity tool.

The majority of all business communications takes place through email and instead of those emails being sent with plain text and blank white space, Rocketseed Mail inserts interactive, high-tech “letterhead” at the top of every email sent by a business’ employees. The headers and signatures are embedded with intelligence and tracking mechanisms that enable customized and targeted marketing, accelerate lead generation, raise brand awareness, increase sales, extend mobile reach, and seamlessly integrate social marketing tactics. Rocketseed Mail is an innovative solution that enables businesses to capitalize on the value of the email channel, while at the same time leverage the trusted 1-to-1 business relationships that all employees (regardless of their job function) have with customers and prospects.

As stated by John Cooper, Chairman of Rocketseed, “Up until now, companies have focused on traditional email marketing tactics and email blasts, which can saturate the email channel and overload recipient inboxes. Rocketseed Mail is a completely new approach because it transforms the emails themselves, making them not only look much more professional and effective by incorporating logos, core branding messages and consistent signatures, but it gives emails sophisticated high-impact marketing with bull’s eye targeting.”

Emails have remained virtually unchanged for the past 20 years. Rocketseed Mail revamps the look and utility of everyday business emails by offering a solution that doesn’t necessarily change a company’s current email set-up, but only complements it. Rocketseed Mail is a solution that is held on a hosted server so businesses are not required to buy any additional software or equipment, making it a very cost-effective option for every size business.

Founded in 2002, Rocketseed delivers a spectrum of intelligent marketing products for major brands around the globe. Rocketseed has four international offices: United Kingdom, South Africa, USA and Australia. For more information on Rocketseed Mail, visit


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