Southerners are Simply Potty About Their Cats…

By Town Country Petfoods Limited, PRNE
Tuesday, December 21, 2010

LONDON, December 22, 2010 - Cat lovers everywhere can tell you what they love most about their cats,
but what about the habits that drive them potty? A survey by Your Cat
magazine and HiLife Potty about … cat food has revealed what drives
Southerners potty about their cats. It seems that not being able to have a
bath without the cat crying comes top of the agenda, followed by cats that
steal socks and underwear! Some wake up their owners by nipping their toes,
while others get their owners' attention by throwing things on the floor!

Despite all of this, Southerners are truly potty about their potty cats.
And some of cats do truly strange things. One owner reported her cat likes to
sleep in the sink, and another in the cat litter tray - but only when there's
clean litter in it of course! Some cats are potty about potatoes, while
others prefer curry, raspberry jelly, or even shoe-laces! Probably the
strangest choice of food in the South is the cat that likes popcorn. Well
there's no accounting for taste!

Above all their quirkiness, Southerners are still potty about their cats;
their loving temperament, affection and individuality seems to be the eternal
attraction - so it seems that Brits and their cats seem to be bonded by a
delightful touch of pottiness!

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