Swedish Know-how on Managing Spent Nuclear Fuel Being Exported

By Skb International, PRNE
Monday, November 28, 2011

STOCKHOLM, November 29, 2011 -

SKB International has signed a new agreement with Canadian NWMO, Nuclear Waste Management Organization, on the issue of managing spent nuclear fuel. The agreement reinforces SKB International’s strategy to continue in its role as an important international player within safe management of spent nuclear fuel.

The new agreement concerns the Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company’s underground rock laboratory, the “Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory”. Amongst other things, the agreement allows NWMO to use specific SKB’s research results and to perform research at Äspö.

The new agreement is part of a wider cooperation initiative that is already ongoing, and conditions are favourable for increased cooperation. Canada has a tight schedule in terms of the nuclear waste issue. In order to keep to the schedule, discussions are ongoing between SKB International and NWMO regarding more in-depth cooperation for technology transfer.

“There are major advantages associated with an international exchange and transfer of knowledge for managing radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel,” says Kjell Westerberg, Vice President and responsible for SKB International’s initiatives in Canada.

“All countries have different prerequisites for managing spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste, for example geological prerequisites. Nevertheless, there are also many similarities in terms of both technology development and siting. The same steps must be taken and there must be communication between the stakeholders and individuals that will somehow be impacted by future final repository,” continues Kjell Westerberg.

There is a great need to develop management of radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel all across the globe. This is the stance of SKB International, SKB’s subsidiary that supplies related know-how to a number of different countries. Thus far the company has completed 350 assignments in around 30 countries. A project is currently underway that includes, for example, Great Britain, Canada, Japan and South Korea.

Facts about SKB International:

SKB International, which is a subsidiary of the Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company, works on a commercial basis. It can offer its international customers all the knowledge and experience that SKB has built up within its programme. SKB International consists of 17 individuals, and its turnover in 2010 was SEK 43 million. The business consists of three components: consultancy services, technology and cooperation linked to the Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory.

For more information: Kjell Westerberg, Vice President SKB International, +46-70-268-09-36; Torsten Eng, Senior Adviser SKB International, +46-70-221-51-27

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