TV on Al-Quds Mobile Site Goes Live With RAPID Mobile

By Prne, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, July 28, 2009

LONDON - Al-Quds newspaper, formed six decades ago by the Al-Zulf family, is one of the oldest newspapers in Jerusalem. With the launch in July 2009 of its rich-media mobile site, with TV news bulletins on mobile, Al-Quds becomes the first Arabic publication to launch such an advanced mobile application.

Al-Quds has recently completed an ambitious modernization programme that included the installation of a RAPID Browser editorial system integrated with Adobe InCopy and InDesign, in the Jerusalem Newsroom, and in the London Newsroom, linked together to form one virtual Newsroom for multi-publishing. Editors in Palestine contribute articles throughout the day not only for the newspaper but also for the Al-Quds online site,, and the mobile site,, with online editors in London adding the final touches and complimenting it with breaking news stories.

The Al-Quds online site has been particularly successful with its rich media content published round the clock and particularly its video news bulletins. The Web site is built by KnowledgeView using the open-source Drupal Web CMS, driven by the RAPID Browser editorial system. The Web site was extended to include social networking modules such as QudsTalk and to launch in August.

With the launch of its RAPID Mobile powered mobile site,, with TV news bulletins, Al-Quds becomes the first Arabic newspaper to launch such advanced service. For more information on RAPID Mobile see the RAPID Mobile section on KnowledgeView’s Web site

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