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By Adform, PRNE
Monday, January 24, 2011

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, January 25, 2011 - Good tools are said to be half the job for any tradesman, and the same is
true for people working in the digital marketing space. In a world where
instant and precise information is paramount, advertisers need a
future-proof, intuitive online platform with bespoke customised tools.

Adform offers a universal solution in digital marketing, which can mean
big differences for media agencies and advertisers. By having campaign
planning, ad serving, optimisation, reporting and other tools gathered in one
place, you can save time - and money. At the same time, the platform can be
individually adapted so that trainees and business partners, for example, can
be given a login to exactly the tools which are deemed relevant for them. And
then there are lots of details and knowledge available in this web-based
solution which, among other things, has more than 100 predefined templates
for reporting and analysis.

End customers from many different industries who have embraced the Adform
solution include SAS, Hi3G, Trygg-Hansa, Microsoft, TUI and Canal Digital,
all of whom have used the advanced tools to optimise their digital campaigns.
One of the strongest tools is Adform Retargeting, which is used to convert
online contacts to customers.

"Everyone should use Adform's ingenious and user-friendly retargeting
tool. It is easy to implement and helps maximise every penny spent on digital
advertising so nothing is wasted. We have seen outstanding results during the
time we have been using the technology," says Johan Markus, Media Manager at
Hi3G in Sweden.

The mobile company saw a five-fold increase in click rates compared with
their other campaigns and a conversion rate which doubled after changing to
Adform's technology, which was able to measure the behaviour of online
shoppers in detail, including which products they were interested in and
thereby optimise banner displays based on this information.

"Our success is closely related to the fact that we focus on the
challenges facing advertisers and what it takes to deliver a contemporary
platform. We develop over 50 new features every year and are generally very
aware of what our customers want. At the same time, all the data in our
solution is updated in real time so our customers can act immediately and
optimise their digital campaigns," explains Lars M. B. Anthonisen, Marketing
Director at Adform.

A natural extension of Adform's retargeting tool is Adform's Content
Manager, which can be used to design and handle the 100 banners or so which
are used as the basis for optimising a campaign. As everything takes place in
real time in a web-based interface, not as many resources are required along
the way to correct banners and upload them. This is a practical and
time-saving measure which also keeps costs down while boosting the campaign's

About Adform

Adform is a leading supplier of products and services within digital
marketing. The company was founded in 2002 and offers a digital universal
solution consisting of campaign planning, ad serving, search machine
marketing, web analytics and reporting. More than 2,700 customers have run
campaigns in more than 4,900 global media in more than 25 countries via
Adform in 2010 and, today, Adform has offices in London, Hamburg, Stockholm,
Oslo, Milan, Wroclaw, Vilnius and Copenhagen. Visit www.adform.com for
more information.

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Marketing Director: Lars M. B. Anthonisen - Email: lars.anthonisen at adform.com - Phone: +45-3535-7100

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