VerifAvia is the First Aviation Verifier to be Approved by the Competent Authority of France

By Verifavia, PRNE
Monday, August 30, 2010

VerifAvia is Also Approved as an Aviation Verifier in Luxembourg and in Wallonia and is on Track for Approval by Most EU Member States

PARIS and LONDON, August 31, 2010 - Paris-based VerifAvia SARL, an EU Emission Trading Scheme (EU ETS)
verification body dedicated to the aviation sector, announces today that it
is the first verification body to be approved by the French Civil Aviation
Authority (DGAC), the Competent Authority of France.

VerifAvia was already the first verification body to apply to the Comite
Francais d'Accreditation (COFRAC) for the ISO 14065 accreditation for
Aviation EU ETS. "Now that the French legislation on EU ETS verification was
published in the Official Journal of the French Republic on 25 August,
VerifAvia is considered as temporarily able to conduct verification audits
while the accreditation process is underway," says Julien Dufour, VerifAvia's
CEO. According to the DGAC, VerifAvia is the first and so far only
verification body to be de facto approved and will soon be listed on the
DGAC's web site.

Following the proposal of the Walloon Agency for Air and Climate,
VerifAvia was approved on 13 July 2010 as a verifier of greenhouse gas
emissions by the Directorate General for Agriculture, Natural Resources and
Environment of Wallonia (Belgium). In addition, on 23 August 2010, VerifAvia
was officially approved by the Environment Administration of Luxembourg as a
verification body of greenhouse gas emissions for the aviation sector under
the EU ETS directive.

Meanwhile, London-based VerifAvia (UK) Ltd announces that it has
successfully passed its Pre-assessment Head Office visit by the United
Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). The company is now getting ready for
the Initial Assessment and Witnessed Assessment that are scheduled for
September. The ISO 14065 accreditation should be granted soon after.

VerifAvia is also in the process of seeking approval in Germany and
Austria. Approval by most other EU Competent Authorities will follow. "Most
EU countries have said they would accept foreign verification bodies that are
accredited by a national accreditation body under the Regulation (EC)
765/2008 of 9 July 2008 and according to the EA-6/03 guidance for the
recognition of verifiers, which will be the case of both VerifAvia SARL and
VerifAvia (UK) Ltd," adds Dufour.

With the inclusion of the aviation sector in the EU ETS, airlines and
business aviation operators must have their annual aircraft CO2 emissions and
tonne-kilometre data verified by an accredited verification body. The
verified reports must then be submitted to the Competent Authority by March
of each year beginning in 2011. The aim of verification is to check that
the data in the annual reports is correct and to ensure that the existing
procedures conform to the approved monitoring plans and the Aviation EU ETS

About VerifAvia -

Recently created to respond to the needs of the aviation sector for
expert verifiers, VerifAvia is a verification body of greenhouse gas
emissions and payload tonne-kilometre data for the aviation sector under the
EU ETS Directive. VerifAvia has offices in Paris and London, is in process of
accreditation by both COFRAC and UKAS and expects to be approved by most EU
Competent Authorities. The company uses a team of aviation experts with
extensive EU ETS experience who have received professional verification
training in the UK. VerifAvia's auditors speak English, French, German and
Spanish. VerifAvia is an associate member of the European Business Aviation
Association (EBAA) and an affiliate member of the European Regions Airline
Association (ERA).

Media Contact: Julien Dufour, CEO, Julien.Dufour at, Mob. +33-665-697-489

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