VeriSilicon Announces Support for WebM on ZSP Digital Signal Processor Cores and SoC Platforms

By Verisilicon, PRNE
Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Major Industry Leaders announced WebM an open web media project supporting VP8 video codec. VeriSilicon Adds WebM including VP8 to Software Portfolio Available on ZSP Cores and SoC Platforms

SANTA CLARA, California and SHANGHAI, May 19, 2010 - VeriSilicon today announced support for WebM including the VP8 video
decoder on its licensable ZSP Digital Signal Processor Cores and SoC
Platforms that will help its customers decode WebM content on ZSP based
platforms. Optimized implementation of WebM on ZSP cores and SoC Platforms is
now available for licensing from VeriSilicon.

VeriSilicon is a leading licensor of Digital Signal Processor cores and
provider of custom silicon solution services. VeriSilicon's ZSP cores are
widely used in various mobile and multimedia products throughout the world
and are supported by a broad portfolio of optimized, field-proven software
that are widely used in the voice, audio and video markets. ZSP cores and
software have been successfully deployed in Digital TVs, Set-top Boxes,
Mobile handsets, VoIP terminals, data modem cards, Blu-Ray DVD players, Home
Theater Boxes and a range of other products that are all shipping in volume.

"With the surge in network connected devices, there is a lot of demand
for high quality video content that is easily available on the web. We
recognize WebM including VP8 as becoming widely adopted", said Wayne Dai, CEO
of VeriSilicon. "Our licensable ZSP cores offer unique capabilities to
efficiently support multiple audio, video and voice formats thus creating
popular award winning SoC products. By proactively porting and optimizing
standards like WebM on our ZSP cores and SoC Platforms, we ensure faster time
to market and quality products for our customers."

"A key factor in the web's success is that its core technologies are open
and freely implementable. Video is fundamental to the web experience, and
developers and content publishers need an open video format option," said
Mike Jazayeri, Group Product Manager at Google. "We are excited VeriSilicon
is joining a broad coalition of industry leaders supporting the WebM project
to bring a new era of open innovation in web video."

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