Ziehm Imaging and Medtronic Present Interface for Image-Guided 3D Navigation

By Ziehm Imaging, PRNE
Monday, November 8, 2010

Raising Reliability Standards in the OR With Distortion-Free Intraoperative 3D Imaging

NUREMBERG, Germany, November 9, 2010 - Medical technology players Ziehm Imaging and Medtronic teamed up to
improve the use of 3D imaging together with intraoperative navigation. The
Ziehm Vision FD Vario 3D C-arm now connects to Medtronic's StealthStation(R)
navigation system over the Ziehm NaviPort interface to deliver
distortion-free 3D images during an operation. These images are transmitted
directly to the navigation system. The jointly developed interface, ideal for
use in traumatology and spinal surgery, expands Ziehm Imaging's portfolio,
also strengthening the company's global footprint in the US in particular.

3D imaging is rapidly becoming the industry standard in modern surgery.
It gives the surgeon greater orientation during an operation and, in
combination with intraoperative navigation functionality, enables
high-precision, real-time monitoring. Particularly in the case of complex,
minimally invasive procedures, high-resolution x-rays improve reliability and
reduce the risk of follow-up procedures.

Ziehm NaviPort delivers highly precise intraoperative image data

Inspired by rising quality awareness in clinics and the growing
prevalence of minimally invasive surgery, Ziehm Imaging and Medtronic teamed
up to develop a new solution aimed at improving intraoperative processes.
Ziehm NaviPort acts as an interface between Ziehm Imaging's C-arm with
flat-panel technology (Ziehm Vision FD Vario 3D) and Medtronic's navigation
system (StealthStation). This new combination means that the patient benefits
from distortion-free 3D data volumes with over 16,000 shades of gray and
shorter fluoroscopy times thanks to navigation technology.

"StealthStation's navigation system is the perfect complement to our
C-arm, bringing a totally new dimension to the class of support we can offer
surgeons in the OR," says Martin Herzmann, Director Marketing at Ziehm
Imaging. "It has never been as easy to combine navigation functionality with
our C-arm. Data is registered automatically and transferred directly to the
navigation software. Medtronic has taken the ergonomics of navigation and
intraoperative 3D imaging to a new level - to the benefit of both patients
and surgeons."

By interfacing the navigation system with Ziehm NaviPort, the new
solution visualizes surgical instruments, which - in combination with
high-precision 3D images - actively support the surgeon's decision-making
process and track progress during the actual procedure. The data is
transferred automatically from the C-arm through Ziehm NaviPort to the
StealthStation navigation system. This gives the surgeon a real-time
navigation guide, eliminating the need to re-register the 3D data record. As
a result, the surgeon can quickly and reliably check and document the results
of the intervention. The combined C-arm and navigation platform is
particularly suited to clinical applications in orthopedic, trauma and
neurosurgical surgery.

"This joint development project with Ziehm Imaging allows us to clearly
address the growing market for intraoperative 3D imaging," explains Harald
, Product Manager Europe at Medtronic. "Surgeons, OR staff and
patients all benefit from the added reliability and improved operating
results enabled by our new joint solution."

Optimum image quality with a minimal footprint

Ziehm Vision FD Vario 3D delivers excellent 2D and 3D images with an
extremely compact footprint. It combines 2D image quality with intraoperative
3D functionality, reducing the space required by a conventional 3D machine by
up to 30 percent. The world's first 3D C-arm with flat-panel technology, the
Ziehm Vision FD Vario 3D produces distortion-free images with optimum
reproduction of both soft tissue and bone anatomy due to its highly dynamic
range with over 16,00 shades of gray.

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