ANTCOR Launches LteSystem: New LTE Simulation Platform Brings Functionality and Robustness

By Antcor, PRNE
Thursday, November 4, 2010

ATHENS, Greece, November 5, 2010 - Following a successful sampling and positive customer
response, ANTCOR, a leader in the development of advanced software solutions
for wireless technologies, announces the addition of the LteSystem to its
LteSuite product line; a major advancement towards the implementation of its
strategy to expand the LteSuite simulation platform for the 3GPP Long Term
Evolution protocol. The new simulation engine enhances the physical layer
functionality with a lower MAC-layer implementation, suitable for simulating
processes such as multi-user scheduling and link-adaptation.

"The ultimate challenge in LTE roll-outs is the
quality-of-experience offered to end-users. From our experience, the source
of challenges faced at higher communication layers usually originates as low
as the wireless medium. LteSystem promises to fill the gap between
channel-aware and QoS-aware scheduling," says Dr. Ioannis Sarris, Project

LteSuite comprises of tools for wireless channel modeling,
Layer-1 transmission/reception and Layer-2 procedures that can be used as
part of the design and verification workflow of PHY/MAC subsystems.

Lazaros Kapsias, CTO of ANTCOR, stated, "Simulation tools like
LteSystem bring an evolutionary approach in LTE consultancy by following a
bottom up approach useful in both system development and network-planning
procedures. LTESystem evolution path assures a well-defined roadmap towards a
complete Layer-1,Layer-2 chain simulation in a multi-user, multi-cell

Current release of LteSystem supports channel-aware scheduling
for maximizing the performance of the scheduling process. Next release will
support a full L2 implementation which enables cross-layer QoS-aware

"With its unprecedented flexibility and robustness, our latest
simulation product release is opening up new opportunities for chip
manufacturers and IP providers that are striving to accelerate product
development lifecycle and minimize time to market. Our roadmap for supporting
LTE Advanced and new protocol enhancements through our simulation platform
delineates a future-proof solution," says Costas Meimetis, CEO of ANTCOR.

For more information on the product line, please visit or contact

About ANTCOR Advanced Network Technologies SA

ANTCOR enables OEMs, ODMs, Chip Manufacturers, Telecom
Operators, Carriers and service providers to improve their profitability with
expanded broadband services and products offerings, focused on the needs of
the broadband wireless access market. By providing physical/network emulation
capability, network protocol design and embedded operating system solutions
our R&D team has the unique ability to address the complex needs of the
entire development life cycle. ANTCOR specializes in LTE consultancy and
services. For more information visit

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