Bavaria Fully Supports Arrested Dutch Women

By Bavaria N.v., PRNE
Tuesday, June 15, 2010

LIESHOUT, The Netherlands, June 16, 2010 - Because Bavaria is unable to respond to all the questions from
the press on this issue, it would like to react with a written statement
concerning the arrest of two Dutch women this morning. Unfortunately, Bavaria
has been drawn into the furore surrounding the arrest of the two ladies, who
were wearing orange dresses worn by thousands of Dutch women and football
supporters. Due to the association, Bavaria feels obligated to respond to the
various questions put to it. Understandably, the well-being of the women is
our biggest concern right now.

Bavaria regrets that these two Dutch women have now become affected
by the FIFA response to the orange Dutch Dresses they wore in the soccer
stadium last Monday, during the World Cup match between Denmark and the
. There is no way FIFA can hold these ladies responsible for their
attendance at the match in their Dutch Dresses, in Soccer City, and Bavaria
is currently doing everything in its power to assist the arrested women.
Bavaria has arranged all legal assistance and housing for them, and keeps
close contact with their families. Bavaria will ask FIFA to immediately stop
what it feels is the intimidation of Dutch-Dressed female supporters. Bavaria
takes no responsibility for the actions of FIFA.

If FIFA has any problems with our company, we would like to
ask them to contact us directly, and not take action against innocent people
wearing our orange dress. Until now, Bavaria has not heard anything from FIFA
directly. The World Cup tournament should be an enjoyable event for all
supporters, male and female, regardless of their outfits.

Bavaria's intention with the Dutch Dresses has always been to
generate pleasure and enthusiasm amongst football fans. This was very well
understood and appreciated by the international audience in and around the
Soccer City stadium in Johannesburg. The Dutch Dresses do not have a big
brand name logo. Within a short period of time after their introduction, over
200,000 orange dresses have been sold in supermarkets in the Netherlands with
8-packs of Bavaria beer.

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