BP Oil Spill Changes the Landscape for Human Asset Integrity Management

By Iqpc Middle East, PRNE
Wednesday, February 2, 2011

DUBAI, UAE, February 3, 2011 - There is no question that the BP oil spill has hugely impacted the oil
and gas industry across the globe. A report issued by BP last year addressed
the factors leading to the accident; "a complex and interlinked series of
mechanical failures, human judgments, engineering design, operational
implementation and team interfaces." The report concluded that decisions made
by "multiple companies and work teams" contributed to the Gulf of Mexico
disaster. www.bp.com

Human asset integrity management is crucial for the realization and
identification of critical risks. Individuals require knowledge and expertise
of how to address and handle these challenges. This month The National Oil
Spill Commission released a chapter in advance of a full report disclosing
"most of the mistakes and oversights at Macondo can be traced back to a
single overarching failure-a failure of management. Better management …
would almost certainly have prevented the

So how do operating companies address the human factor? An interview with
Kenneth St. Brice, RASHPETCO's Asset Integrity Manager, noted the importance
of human asset integrity management. "While Asset Integrity implementation is
based upon a number of technical objectives being accomplished, it is
critical to understand that the key cornerstone to success in any Asset
Integrity Management program is the human element. The human aspect of
integrity assurance, also known as the "soft barriers" comprise of such areas
as competency, training, supervision, procedure implementation,
communication, etc. If not well developed, these factors may potentially
undermine the assurance built in other areas of integrity development."

Kenneth is just one industry expert presenting at IQPC's upcoming 6th
Annual Asset Integrity Management Summit where he will reflect on asset
integrity life-cycle challenges to address asset life extension. Kenneth is
also holding a session on Human Asset Integrity Management and addressing key
challenges in the MENA region.

"Maintaining the integrity of ageing assets is a world wide issue. Find
out from the summit how the UK North Sea Offshore industry is dealing with
this problem and in particular the UK Regulators Key Programme on ageing and
life extension."

Howard Harte, Operations Manager, HSE Offshore Division, UK Regulator, is
another expert in the field who will be speaking at the summit.

Other key speakers at IQPC's 6th Annual Asset Integrity Management Summit
include: Talal Al-Sayed, Integrity Manager, ADMA OPCO; ADCO's Ali Bakheet,
Pipeline Integrity Manager; Colin Dyer, Asset Integrity & Process Safety
Manager, for Shell Developments Oman; Acting Division Manager, Integrity
Assurance Division, GASCO, Julien M. Fisher; ADNOC's Project Manager Offshore
Division, Amin Karboush and Christian Perrollet, Senior Advisor, Integrity
Management, Total E&P. This event will allow oil and gas operators in the
MENA region to discuss effective strategies to maintain their assets in a
fit-for-service condition, while also extending their life-cycle in the most
reliable, safe and cost-effective manner.

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