BSE in Association With Dalal Street Investment Journal Launches Stock Market Challenge

By Dsij, PRNE
Monday, January 17, 2011

MUMBAI, India, January 18, 2011 - Understanding that the most effective learning approach is via
practical and simulation techniques, BSE's, BSE Training Institute Ltd.
associated with DSIJ Ltd. (Dalal Street Investment Journal) to present a
stock simulation learning tool - a stock market challenge game.

Through this stock market simulation game, participants
directly engage in the virtual stock market without using any real money by
making decisions to buy and sell stocks to maximize profits. This learning
tool picks up live feeds from the exchange, thereby replicating stock
exchange trading scenarios in real time. Every challenger is assigned Rs
,00,000 virtual money in the beginning. The objective is to maximize this
amount by intelligently and smartly investing in the stock market. Stock
Market Challenge is free and easy to use and there are exciting prizes worth
Rs 30 lac for the daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly winners.

The game is for everyone: students, professionals, businessmen,
housewives, senior citizens, etc. Keeping in mind the various target groups
and their time spent on various mediums; DSIJ has integrated the tool across
3 platforms -, Facebook and the BSE site. People can register for
FREE on any of the URLs and start playing the game.




Key USPs of this application are as highlighted below:

- The application is light, simple and is very basic for a layman to

- It completely resembles the reality of trading as it happens in BSE.

- All practical issues faced when a stock hits a circuit, illiquid
stocks, corporate benefits as in dividend, bonus, split, Mergers, de-mergers
etc are all captured and simulated so as to ensure a realistic experience of
the markets.

- Order placed is only traded considering the prices received from the
exchange after the placement of the order. Ensures no manipulation by looking
at the live BSE terminal or live prices and taking undue advantage in the

- Daily e-contract notes, analytics, market shout-box, company data are
shown in a simple way

- There are various game levels, and ranking in place; global ranking,
ranking among facebook friends, ranking among private contests etc

- Anyone (including corporate houses) can create their own private
contests, train their employees about the importance of equity investment

- Unique, cost-effective opportunity for advertisers to engage the brand
across various platforms

Mr. Ambarish Datta, MD and CEO, BSE Training Institute Ltd
said: "Our stock market business simulation learning tool allows participants
to tackle real business issues, promoting behavioral change and solidifying
understanding of difficult concepts. Through them, students gain experience
working in real market conditions and hone their dealing and trading skills
in a risk-free environment."

Mr. Rajesh Padode, MD DSIJ Ltd: "Whether you're new to the stock markets
or an experienced investor, this is a powerful tool for building skill,
evaluating and tuning your strategy, and gaining important investing
experience. The market realism, the simplicity, the ranking, the community
features makes the experience very enjoyable and educative."

About BSE

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