The Universality of Human Rights Under Examination at the Forum of the Conference of INGOs of the Council of Europe

By Conference Of Ingos Of The Council Of Europe, PRNE
Sunday, September 5, 2010

STRASBOURG, France, September 6, 2010 - 150 participants are expected to attend the two day conference
to examine current developments in the domain of Human Rights, of which the
universal nature is being called into question at the same time as the
balance in our societal systems is undergoing transformation.

Conference organisers are hoping for an intercultural dialogue
and a reaffirmation of human values which are essential for more harmonious
relations between people from vastly different cultures.

21 & 22 October 2010

Oslo - Thon Oslofjord Hotel

This forum is organised by the conference of International
non-governmental organisations (INGO) of the Council of Europe. The Chair of
the Culture, Science, and Education Commission of the conference of INGOs, Mr
Edouard Jagodnik, and in close collaboration with the European Wergeland
Centre on Education for Human Rights.

The intention of this conference is to find the keys to a new
language which expresses that the universality of human rights is not a
strategy of domination by the western world over the formerly colonized
countries, but that it is essential to share a common law framework, which
preceded the existence of modern nations, in order to shape the world for
future generations.

In order to reaffirm the universality of Human Rights and
their indivisible nature, plenary sessions, workshops and round tables shall
take place focussing on sensitive topics such as:

    - Can we accept "sovereign universal rights" in each state?
    - Shouldn't "universal rights" laid down by some religions all
      join together in serving this common human heritage?
    - Can there be a hierarchy of rights?
    - How to resolve conflicts between rights?

Experts and philosophers are invited to contribute to
sessions, including:

Gerard Fellous, former Secretary General of the French
National Consultative Commission of Human Rights, Expert with the United
Nations and the European Union, author of "Les droits de l'homme, une
universalite menacee" [Human Rights, universality under threat].

Peter Leuprecht, Director of the Montreal Institute of International
Studies, special representative of the United Nations Secretary General on
the situation of Human Rights in Cambodia.

Abdelwahab Medded, Director of the Dedale Journal, founder of "Culture
d'Islam" [Culture of Islam] on France Culture.

Solon Smith, Doctor in philosophy and psychology.

The closing reception shall be hosted by the Mayor of Oslo at the City
Hall, in the Nobel Peace Prize Award Hall.


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