Interactive Whiteboard Leader Luidia Celebrates Banner Year For Interactive Products That Allow Users to Create, Capture and Share Digital Content

By Luidia Inc., PRNE
Monday, January 10, 2011

Company's expansive growth, nine new global partnerships, eBeam technology innovation and major industry awards reflects growing global demand for easy-to-use collaboration and capture capabilities

SAN CARLOS, California, January 11, 2011 - Luidia, Inc. (, the award-winning leader in
development of interactive systems that allow users to create, capture and
share digital content and deliver it in an engaging way, today announced the
company completed a banner year in 2010 - capped by significant
year-over-year growth.

The 2010 momentum was fueled by the release of a new line of eBeam
technology products, nine new partnerships with global hardware, software and
content OEMs and strong education and business demand for innovative,
interactive and digital capture products from Luidia.

The Luidia eBeam ecosystem of interactive systems and products enables
organizations to create, capture and share digital content and deliver it in
an engaging way — anywhere, anytime.

Innovative New 2010 Market-First Products

In 2010, Luidia released the portable eBeam Engage
(, the world's first
all-in-one interactive console that combines multimedia, navigation tools and
digital capture tools into one convenient console that instantly transforms
traditional classrooms into 21st century learning centers. eBeam Engage
( includes high-quality JBL speakers, a wireless
keyboard and smartphone-like interface that puts all the multimedia and
navigation tools in easy reach.

eBeam Engage eliminates the need to move back and forth between a
computer, interactive whiteboard and peripheral devices by putting all the
tools an instructor needs within arm's reach. Now educators can seamlessly
deliver curricular content to enhance delivery of lessons and elevate student
engagement and group collaboration.

Luidia also introduced the eBeam InfoWall
(, the largest, most
affordable interactive whiteboard space available on the market. eBeam
InfoWall provides essential components to create scalable, wall-sized
interactive displays. InfoWall can be utilized for large-scale strategy
development or presentations in conference rooms and lecture halls where
maps, project plans, diagrams, presentations, internet content and
instructions can be projected, shared live, displayed to remote viewers,
annotated, manipulated and saved.

New Major Global Partnerships With Luidia

Soaring user demand for portable interactive products drove the formation
of nine new Luidia partnerships worldwide over the past year with major
global hardware and software OEMs and content providers. The new partners
included: Hitachi, Vaddio, ViewSonic, Mitsubishi, HDT, Uchida, Express
Publishing, Claridge Products & Equipment, and Britannica. Luidia now markets
and distributes its products and technologies in more than 70 countries
around the world.

Strong Customer Demand for Interactive Capture Products

eBeam standardization continued to grow in education around the world.
More than 250 school districts in North America, Europe, Latin America and
Asia adopted the eBeam Edge. Luidia's ability to work closely with educators
and schools to plan and deliver visionary products that meet complex needs
and strict requirements has made eBeam the premier choice for classroom
instruction and engagement technology in schools throughout the world.

Also, Luidia's eBeam products were adopted for full enterprise deployment
by major enterprise businesses in North America, Germany, France and Japan to
better communicate across regions, departments, multiple-offices, and to
remote workers and teams.

Recognition for eBeam's Award-Winning Technology

Luidia's technology was recognized by two prestigious industry
publications, Tech & Learning ( and
District Administration
Tech & Learning's Awards of Excellence recognized the eBeam Edge as one of
2010's Best Upgraded Products for its significant enhancements to previous
versions, acknowledging Luidia's commitment to adapt its products to meet the
changing needs of technology.

District Administration magazine also placed the eBeam Edge on the Top
100 Readers' Choice Award list. The magazine highlighted the eBeam Edge's
portability, affordability and ability to work on any flat surface, as well
as a "Send to Kindle" feature that allows educators to wirelessly upload
their whiteboard lessons to their students' e-readers.

The Luidia eBeam Ecosystem

For over seven years Luidia has powered an ecosystem of interactive
digital capture and collaboration products for education, business and
entertainment. Luidia's eBeam technology is made to meet interactive and
collaborative classroom, boardroom and cubicle demands, easily, effectively
and without the fixed-hardware or "rip-and-replace" hassle. eBeam transforms
any flat surface into an interactive, collaborative workspace, which allows
teachers to provide more engaging lessons, and businesses to capture what
they've drawn, share it in real-time with remote participants on any device,
in any location, and save it to a computer for later use, collaboration and

Luidia's existing line of products includes the eBeam Edge
(, the
standard for portable surface capture. The eBeam Edge is now in use at over
500,000 locations throughout the world. Its low cost and retrofittable nature
makes it a high demand technology in both schools and emerging markets
throughout the world.

Unlike short-lived, expensive fixed hardware such as typical interactive
whiteboards, Luidia provides complete end-to-end interactive data capture and
share solutions — from small and portable-sized devices, to projector and
mount-embedded interactivity, to LCD screens, to large format surfaces.

eBeam is also a platform for a number of other products that make up the
extended eBeam ecosystem, including:

    - Hardware and surface display products such as projectors, whiteboards
      and tables that leverage eBeam to create interactivity in any space.
    - Content software that enhances the eBeam experience and allows students
      to interact and participate directly with the lesson, as well as
      employees to interact with a given presentation.

"Visual communication, capture and collaboration are essential for
education and business development. Some of the greatest lessons and business
ideas often start on a whiteboard," said Rafi Holtzman, Luidia President and
CEO. "Luidia will deliver even more functionality, portability, ease of use
and economy into the interactive whiteboard market in 2011 that will allow
teachers and business users to educate, capture, collaborate and communicate
better. Our work with top global PC, projector, mount and videoconferencing
partners will expand the delivery of Luidia's market-leading interactive
technology - and make it possible for users to easily capture and share
ideas, lessons, and information with any person on any device in any
location, anytime."

Luidia at World's Largest Education Technology Exhibition: BETT 2011 Show
- Jan. 12

Luidia will demonstrate the world's leading interactive technologies, as
well reveal for the first time to a public audience the company's new eBeam
Engage interactive multimedia console, at the BETT 2011 Show, the largest
education technology exhibition in the world, January 12-15 at Stand F108, at
Olympia in London.

For More Information, Videos and Applications

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2. A video of the eBeam Engage can be viewed here (

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