iPhone 4 the Latest Successful Apple Smartphone

By Mobiles.co.uk, PRNE
Thursday, December 9, 2010

LONDON, December 10, 2010 - Apple once again rewrote the book on how to build a successful smartphone
(www.mobiles.co.uk/smartphones.html) in the middle of 2010 with the
launch of the iPhone 4. With an overhauled design that looks more premium
than even its own precursors and brand new software and hardware onboard, the
iPhone 4 16GB (www.mobiles.co.uk/apple-iphone-4-16gb-black.html) is at
the top of the class while most other manufacturers play catch-up. Let us
take a little look under the surface gloss and see whether or not the iPhone
is for you.

Glass and metal define the look and feel of the iPhone 4, with a premium
sheen visible from every angle and a cleverly implemented external antenna
allowing for the whole thing to be rimmed with a metal band. On the front the
3.5 inch touchscreen display shares the same dimensions with those fitted on
previous iPhones but here the pixel count has been bumped up to 960×640,
creating a crisp, clear picture which is superior to almost every other
handset on the market. Inside the same A4 processor which powers the iPad is
in residence, along with 512MB of RAM which has a significant impact on the
way in which the software performs.

When choosing this phone you will need to opt for either the Apple iPhone
4 16GB or 32GB. (www.mobiles.co.uk/apple-iphone-4-16gb-black.html) The
doubling of storage space does give you more room to download apps and keep
your media files, but you will pay a premium for the top of the range model
which takes its already stratospheric price even further, so for most 16GB
will be more than enough and rarely feel like a compromise.

The iPhone has never been in the running for the accolade of best
cameraphone (www.mobiles.co.uk/camera-phones.html) with previous
generations but all this changes with the iPhone 4. Here you get a five
megapixel camera with LED flash which can take some competitive still images,
but what makes this stand out is its ability to record HD video in 720p. This
is by no means a unique feature but the quality of the video is definitely
better than some of its closest rivals, which will make it a great little
tool for budding directors or those who want to record funny little moments
in life.

With the iPhone 4's
(www.mobiles.co.uk/apple-iphone-4-32gb-black.html) launch came iOS
4.0, Apple's new operating system which adds some significant improvements
without changing the underlying look and feel of the platform. Multitasking
is now a real possibility, allowing users to keep third party apps running
in the background while they get on with other tasks on the mobile phone.
(www.mobiles.co.uk/) The FaceTime app enables video calling
capabilities, harnessing the forward-facing VGA camera to make chatting with
friends face to face over a Wi-Fi connection a possibility. You can add to
the standard software with one of the hundreds of thousands of applications
available on the App Store, many of which are still free of charge.

The iPhone 4 has already become Apple's
(www.mobiles.co.uk/apple-mobile-phones.html) fastest-selling
smartphone (www.mobiles.co.uk/smartphones.html) and so writing in
praise of it is hardly going to bulk out its sales figures. This is one
handset for which the hype is justified, whether you choose the iPhone 4
16GB or 32GB.

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