Japan to Start Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting in Spring 2012 under ISDB-Tmm Format

By Isdb-t Multimedia Forum, PRNE
Monday, November 29, 2010

TOKYO, November 30, 2010 - Multimedia Broadcasting, Inc., which has adopted the ISDB-Tmm standard
for multimedia broadcasting, has been commissioned as the sole carriage
operator providing nationwide multimedia broadcasting services for mobile
devices scheduled to start following the termination of the analog
broadcasting service in Japan. It is the direct result of active efforts by
the ISDB-T Multimedia Forum, a group of about 80 companies organized to
promote the ISDB-Tmm standard.

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The ISDB-Tmm standard is a member of the ISDB-T family of digital
terrestrial broadcasting technologies. As it is going to be put into
commercial use in Japan, there is a growing hope for the adoption of the
ISDB-Tmm standard in Latin America, where the ISDB-T format has been adopted,
as well as in other parts of the world.

In Japan, Multimedia Broadcasting, the newly commissioned carriage
operator, and other members of the ISDB-T Multimedia Forum have been engaged
in a wide range of activities targeted at commercial broadcasting services
starting in the spring of 2012.

<ISDB-Tmm Standard>

The ISDB-Tmm standard employs the concatenated transmission method which,
combining some blocks of the 13-segment (5.6MHz) band and the 1-segment
(0.4MHz) band, eliminates the need of a guard band, making it possible to
apply it to various bandwidths. As a concatenated transmitter for the
33-segment (14.2MHz) band has been developed, transmission costs will be cut
down by a significant margin. Capable of adapting to bandwidths used by the
carriage operator, the ISDB-Tmm standard can also be adapted to 7MHz and 8MHz
spectrum allocation. The ISDB-Tmm standard has a high degree of compatibility
with the ISDB-T format, making it possible to share the same receivers for
different broadcasting services and cut down on transmission costs. The
standard will thus prove to be the best multimedia broadcasting method for
Latin American countries and other nations which have adopted the ISDB-T
terrestrial digital broadcasting system.

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