Kuwait Plans Upgrades to Defence Capabilities

By Al Madar, PRNE
Friday, September 3, 2010

KUWAIT CITY, Kuwait, September 4, 2010 - Kuwait's First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Sheikh Jaber
Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah
said his nation is on course to modernize its
defense systems and keep up to date with the latest weaponry.

In remarks to a Ramadan "Ghabqa" (dinner party) on August 30, Sheikh
Jaber said that it is important for Kuwait to upgrade its armed forces.

"We don't seek to possess arms for aggressive purposes," the minister
said. "We don't plan to attack any other country and don't accept our
territories being used for attacking a third country either."

Sheikh Jaber said plans to buy U.S. Patriot air defense system missiles
are part of an overarching strategy to keep Kuwait's defense capabilities up
to date. The Minister added that he is in consultation with the Kuwaiti Army
to assess additional defense needs.

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