New HAPPICH Engine Cover Lighter and Quieter

By Happich Gmbh, PRNE
Monday, January 10, 2011

WUPPERTAL, Germany, January 11, 2011 - Creating Silence

'Creating Silence' - Acoustics specialists at HAPPICH Division, Pelzer
Acoustic Products, have again put their motto into practice, developing the
new "double-sided sound-absorbing engine cover". They have thus cut noise
emissions in the engine compartment by 4 decibels compared with standard
engine covers, and simultaneously halved the weight. The prototype of this
completely new method is already being used successfully by Volvo Penta
Diesel for ships' engines.

Did you know that standard engine covers offer barely any noise
reduction? Their main aim is to improve the appearance of the engine
compartment. Look under the bonnet and the first thing you see is an
immaculate plastic cover with an appealing manufacturer's logo. However,
almost nobody knows that these attractive engine covers are made of a
so-called "reverberant" material. Despite the insulation underneath, an
annoying residual noise remains that is not absorbed.

Absorbent partial casing concept

However, instead of "locking in" the noise emissions in this kind of
reverberant plastic cover and thus even increasing them, it is more effective
to absorb the sound directly at and outside the engine, in the engine
compartment. With this partial casing concept, it is not even necessary to
fully cover the engine: Partial cladding is enough to reduce noise levels.
And, because vibration isolators and rubber seals are redundant, the weight
is also reduced by around 2 kilos.

The solution: Versapanel

This highly effective method of sound absorption is achieved with a
special material, Versapanel, which is used as a flexible engine cover. Its
surface is made of aluminium foil, microperforated on both sides, and it
contains a highly absorbent filling. Lightweight and flexible, it can be
easily adjusted for even complicated engine compartments. It also provides
mechanical protection and is highly heat and liquid-resistant.


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