New Video Introduces ‘Asia’ - How Environmentalists Betray The Developing World

By Libertiamo, PRNE
Tuesday, November 8, 2011

ROME, November 9, 2011 -

- ‘Disarming The Greens’ introduces ‘Asia,’ a green activist and campaigner for the poor

Today Libertiamo’s ‘Disarming The Greens’ campaign released ‘Asia,’ a short animation video about an environmental activist who after years of radicalization has finally realized that in order for the developing world to prosper, they require the liberty to utilize and market their own natural resources.

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‘Asia’ personifies an environmental activist who understands that through preventing economic development, radical greens only end up prolonging the suffering of the people they claim to help in the continent. Rather than fighting against economic development, ’Asia‘ notes that Asian nations can overcome both extreme poverty and environmental degradation through responsibly utilizing their forest resources. The following are extracts from the video, highlighting the arrogant mindset in the West when it comes to aiding the developing world:

“The world is not the West. The world is still poor and where there is poverty there is pollution and the environment is not protected. The fight against poverty is the real challenge for the environment…”

Us Westerners should treat the developing world with respect, encouraging solidarity and a fair global economic development. We have no right to dictate to the rest of the world…”

“I’m in Asia now. There are about 600 million poor here, numerous children suffer from malnutrition and other diseases. They have large forests.  A major portion of forests are permanently protected. Biodiversity is protected and the rest of the trees provide jobs, hope and well-being for millions of people. I know that environmentalists like me would deny it but I do not agree with them.”

“‘Asia‘ is a timely reminder to those of us who hold the belief that only trade and economic development can help alleviate poverty and propel nations on the path towards prosperity. Despite some good intentions, activists and elected officials fall too easily into the trap of supporting ill-advised conservation efforts and aid programs that do nothing but perpetuate the evils of poverty and hopelessness. Why should millions of people in Asia be any different to people in Italy? They don’t want more handouts. They want to experience the dignity of working for a better future for their country and their family,” said Benedetto Della Vedova, Italian member of Parliament for the Future and Freedom Party and honorary chairman of Libertiamo.

“I compel my fellow elected members to watch ‘Asia’ and keep in mind that the tired old rhetoric behind most aid programs will only hurt the very people we are looking to help. Without action, we will only isolate the very people we are looking to help, a move that betrays our principles and ultimate objectives.”

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