'2010 China-Africa Brightness Action' Launched in Beijing

By Hna Group, PRNE
Thursday, November 18, 2010

Medical team heads for Africa via charter flight; about 1,000 cataract surgeries planned during one week

BEIJING, November 19, 2010 - The launching ceremony for the "2010 China-Africa Brightness
Action" was held at Deer Jet's fix base operation (FBO), Beijing Capital
International Airport on November 18. The charitable initiative, co-organized
by the China Association for Promoting Democracy (CAPD), the National
Committee of Blindness Prevention (NCBP), China NGO Network for International
Exchanges (CNIE), HNA Group, Anhui Foreign Economic Construction (Group) and
Beijing Tongren Hospital, will give patients with cataracts in Malawi and
Zimbabwe, two countries in Southeast Africa, access to free vision
rehabilitation surgeries for a week. Over 100 guests including the Malawi
Ambassador to China, Zimbabwe Ambassador to China, WHO Representative in
China, as well as officials from the Chinese People's Association for
Friendship with Foreign Countries, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of
Commerce and Ministry of Health, and journalists were all present at the

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The 20-plus medical team consisting of professionals from NCBP
and Beijing Tongren Hospital headed for Africa via a charter flight operated
by HNA Group's Deer Jet on the afternoon of November 18. After nearly 23
hours in flight, the professionals will perform free cataract surgeries for
patients in Malawi and Zimbabwe.

The "2010 China-Africa Brightness Action" was formed to perform
about 1,000 cataract surgeries within approximately a week's time. Local
government departments and health authorities as well as China's embassies in
the two countries will be instrumental in helping the short-handed medical
team to perform surgeries amid an unfamiliar environment. China's embassies
in the two countries are giving the initiative the utmost attention, and Pan
Hejun, Chinese Ambassador to Malawi, and Xin Shunkang, Chinese Ambassador to
Zimbabwe, have been personally engaged in the planning and organization of
the initiative, and have been in close contact with China's domestic
organizers and the local governments of the two countries to ensure the
medical team achieve their goal. Besides, the local governments and health
authorities also have pulled out all the stops to facilitate all the
preparations concerning the charitable event.

Chen Feng, Board Chairman of HNA Group, said that this year marks
the 10th anniversary of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation. For years,
Chinese companies have been a significant contributor to the infrastructure
development and public medical and health care services in Africa, bringing
local people real, tangible benefits and laying a sold foundation for China
and Africa to continue to deepen their cooperation. With the care and support
from the African government and people, Chinese companies including HNA Group
also have experienced fast expansion in Africa. The "2010 China-Africa
Brightness Action" is part of the efforts of Chinese companies like HNA Group
in rewarding African people.

According to incomplete statistics from the WHO, there is an
estimated 314 million people worldwide who are visually disabled. Of these,
45 million persons are blind, including 20 million blind suffering from
cataract. In 1999, WHO launched the "VISION 2020 — The Right to Sight, a
global strategic initiative for the elimination of avoidable blindness. NCBP
kicked off the "Brightness Action" in 2003, an initiative designed for
blindness prevention and treatment, and as a result, over 30,000 poor
cataract patients received free surgeries in former revolutionary bases,
areas inhabited by minority nationalities, remote and border and
poverty-stricken districts. China again launched an ophthalmological care
action targeting its neighboring countries in 2008 by sending Brightness
Action medical teams to introduce state-of-the-art eye care technologies into
countries including North Korea, Cambodia, Vietnam, Mongolia and Bengal to
enhance the friendship between China and its neighbors.

HNA Group joined hands with NCBP and Beijing Tongren Hospital to
kick off the "HNA- Qinghai-Tibet Plateau 10 Year Brightness Action" in
Qinghai province in July 2004. Since then, more than 3,000 poor cataract
patients of various ethnic groups have received free surgeries in Banma and
Nangqian, Qinghai province; Lhasa, Rikeze, Linzhi, Tibet; Litang, Sichuan
province, Xinganmeng, Bayan Nur League, Alashanzuo Banner in Alashan League,
Inner Mongolia; Korla, Xinjiang; and Linyao and Xiahe, Gansu province. The
action received high praises from local government officials and residents.

The "2010 China-Africa Brightness Action" will enable more
cataract patients to regain vision, while boosting the development of the
public health care services in Africa. It is not only the first large-scale
private charitable initiative launched by Chinese companies in Africa, but
also an important step in Chinese companies' reward for African people. The
initiative will consolidate the friendship between China and Malawi and
Zimbabwe and even Africa, bringing significant, far-reaching benefits to the
people of both China and Africa.

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