Polyplus-transfection Licenses Roche Glycart AG for PEI in vitro Transfection Applications for Research Purposes

By Polyplus-transfection Sa, PRNE
Monday, March 28, 2011

STRASBOURG, France, March 29, 2011 - Polyplus-transfection SA, a privately-held company developing innovative
solutions for the delivery of nucleic acids in research, bioproduction and
therapy, announced today that it has granted Roche Glycart AG, a Swiss
biotechnology company fully-owned by Roche, a non exclusive license to use
polyethylenimine (PEI) for in vitro transfection applications for research

By entering into this license agreement, Roche Glycart AG becomes one of
Polyplus' sub-licensees for the use of PEI-mediated transfection applications
for research purposes. This license will enable Roche Glycart AG to use this
world-recognized transfection reagent in its research to produce
antibody-based products.

"We are delighted to sign this license agreement with Roche Glycart AG,
an innovative subsidiary of Roche, focused in the research and development of
new engineered antibody-based products," said Mark Bloomfield, CEO of
Polyplus-transfection. "PEI-mediated transfection is clearly an essential
research tool in this field. Our business relationship with Roche Glycart AG
also demonstrates the significant value of our intellectual property rights
in the field of PEI-mediated nucleic acid delivery for research purposes."

Financial terms were not disclosed.

About Polyplus-transfection

Polyplus-transfection SA is a biotechnology company that
develops, markets and sells innovative solutions for the in vivo, in vitro
and ex vivo delivery of nucleic acids in research, bioproduction and
therapeutics. Located close to the University of Strasbourg in Eastern
, Polyplus-transfection has been ISO 9001-certified since 2002 and
supplies its proprietary range of reagents for the transfection of genes,
oligonucleotides and siRNA through a worldwide distributor network. Polyplus
reagents are involved in a growing number of clinical trials worldwide. In
addition, Polyplus-transfection holds a broad estate of patents and licenses
including original methods for therapeutic siRNA delivery.

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For further information, please contact: Andrew Lloyd & Associates, Andrew Lloyd / Agnes Dalosi, Tel: +44-1273-675100, allo at ala.com/ agnes at ala.com

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