Unique New Home Solar Scheme Launches: Could it be the Best Long-Term Investment for UK Households?

By Sunshare, PRNE
Wednesday, January 19, 2011

BRISTOL, England, January 20, 2011 - There is some good news for UK homeowners trying to protect themselves
against rising energy bills and looking for a guaranteed return on any
investment they make this year. SunShare, a new scheme that launched on
Monday 17th January 2011, allows UK homeowners to invest in solar panels for
their home for only a part of the upfront installation costs. Qualifying UK
homes that install solar panels with SunShare (sunsharesolar.co.uk/ )
will benefit from free electricity and will also be able to earn more than
GBP1000 a year from the government backed Feed-in Tariff scheme.

Mark Wynn, Managing Director of Avonline PLC, the company that launched
SunShare, suggested the new scheme could in fact be one of the best long term
investment options, given that interest rates are at an all time low. "Any
household that's looking for a guaranteed long term investment will struggle
to find a better option. Qualifying UK homes can get a fully installed solar
PV system for as little as GBP3,999. The homeowners who make this investment
will subsequently reduce their electricity bills by up to 40%. They will be
able to earn over GBP1000 a year from Feed-in Tariff payments (
sunsharesolar.co.uk/about_sunshare/benefits/), add value to their
home, protect themselves against escalating energy costs and reduce their
carbon footprint, just to mention a few of the benefits."

SunShare predict that up to 5,000 homes will benefit from their unique
scheme in 2011 with a subsequent reduction of 10,000 tonnes of CO2 in the
same year. Mark Wynn also points out that any household considering the
scheme should act fast: "The government will review the scheme in 2012, which
is likely to see The Feed-in Tariff rates changed from April 2013 for any new
homes applying for it. There is therefore a window of opportunity now for
consumers to take advantage of the current rates on offer, which will be
guaranteed for 25 years."

The Feed-in Tariff is a government backed scheme to promote the
installation of renewable energy sites, such as solar panels on home roofs.
At present, every qualifying installation is paid 41.3p per kWh of energy
produced, regardless of whether it is used by the homeowner or not. The
tariff is guaranteed for 25 years and it is index linked if you install a
Solar PV System.

The Feed-in Tariff scheme has already proven to be extremely popular with
UK households since its launch in April 2010. According to official figures
published in January of this year by Ofgem, 2010 saw 10 times the amount of
solar installations than any preceding year, making UK the fastest growing
solar market in Europe.

Mark Wynn is confident that 2011 could be another record breaking year,
with even more UK households benefiting from solar power and the Feed-in
Tariff: "Trying to take on the whole responsibility and costs for a solar
installation for your home can be a daunting task and this may have put off
quite a few households who considered benefiting from The Feed-in Tariff
scheme last year. However, with a unique scheme like Sunshare (
sunsharesolar.co.uk/), upfront installation costs for homeowners will
be significantly reduced and a professional partner will take away all the
hassle of the installation, ongoing maintenance and the continuous paperwork
associated with The Feed-in Tariff throughout the duration of the scheme. In
fact we see SunShare as more of a partnership with our customers, where we
simplify the whole process and lower the barriers of entry for UK consumers
and subsequently share the benefits of this great government backed scheme."
You can find out if you qualify for this scheme by visiting

Contacts: email: tommy@sunsharesolar.co.uk - phone: +44(0)20-3176-0389

Contacts: email: tommy at sunsharesolar.co.uk - phone: +44(0)20-3176-0389

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