Solaris Mobile Launches ‘EUR RADIO’

By Solaris Mobile, PRNE
Thursday, September 8, 2011

DUBLIN, September 9, 2011 -

- First Phase of a New Free, Pan-European Satellite Digital Radio Demonstration Platform -

Solaris Mobile Ltd., the Dublin based operator of hybrid satellite and terrestrial wireless networks, has today announced the launch of EUR RADIO - a new, free, pan-European digital satellite radio demonstration platform which will serve the European Union region.

The new free-to-air distribution service platform, EUR RADIO, will be used initially for marketing and demonstration purposes but could become the catalyst for a commercial service, providing listeners across the EU with a bouquet of radio channels, both public and private, covering the majority of European languages. The bouquet will encompass genres such as popular general entertainment, news and music along with rich media and interactive entertainment capabilities, which should prove attractive to a wide variety of listeners.  The demonstration platform also has the capacity to provide enriched infotainment with new in-car data services and will run as a complementary service to traditional national FM, DAB or S-Band services+.

The first phase will include the following European radio stations; HIT RADIO FFH (Hessen/Germany)and planet radio (Hessen/Germany). The platform will also include the TV channel, France 24 (France).

The new digital audio service will complement existing national services and offer users unique benefits not seen before when crossing member state borders and using broadcast networks. EUR Radio demonstrates how listeners in the near future will be able to tune into a radio station in their native language regardless of territory or location. Once tuned into the station of choice, reception and broadcast quality will remain constant and of superior digital quality whilst traveling across country borders within the EU, a first for broadcast customers within Europe.

Steve Maine, Chief Executive Officer, Solaris Mobile, commented, “We are delighted to be launching EUR RADIO, Solaris Mobile’s pan-European digital satellite radio demonstration platform which will broadcast over the European Union by utilising the S-Band capacity on our W2A satellite and complement our national services. This is a very exciting step for us, and we hope that it will serve as a stepping stone to achieve the full potential of a pan-European digital radio service.”

Solaris Mobile will make its S-Band capacity on the W2A satellite available to facilitate EUR Radio, which will go live this year. The EUR Radio service offering may also be available in densely

populated areas [when line of sight of the satellite may be restricted] through the use of Solaris Mobile’s existing national CGC networks.

About Solaris Mobile:

Solaris Mobile, a joint venture between Eutelsat and SES-Astra was set up in 2008 to develop next generation mobile communication services.  The company intends to deploy a hybrid satellite and terrestrial network enabling the provision of mobile television, radio and data channels as well as broadband and voice communication services to be delivered to mobile phones, portable terminals and in-vehicle devices.  

In May 2009, the European Commission awarded Solaris Mobile the right to operate satellite & terrestrial services in S-Band in all 27 EU member states. S-Band is spectrum residing in the 2GHz band and is adjacent to UMTS used by mobile 3G operators.  

At present, Solaris Mobile is carrying out trials in Paris, demonstrating the broadcast of TV and radio services to phones, other handheld devices and cars - across the city and surrounding areas.

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