SPB Software Supports Palm webOS Efforts by Bringing a Decent TV Application In

By Spb Software, PRNE
Sunday, April 4, 2010

SAINT PETERSBURG, Russia, April 5, 2010 -

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SPB Software, a leading mobile applications and games developer announces
the release of SPB TV for webOS. This is the very first application from SPB
Software for this eye candy Linux-based mobile operating system. SPB TV is a
mobile IPTV viewer with TV-like usability, designed for tuning in to publicly
available digital TV channels from all over the world.

SPB TV features exclusive and patent-pending usability innovations and
gives the mobile subscribers easy access to over a hundred and twenty of
international TV channels, directly from their phones. The application
supports must-have TV features, such as a TV browser with quick channel
previews, an instantly accessible TV guide for all offered channels, quick
channel switching and more.

With the arrival of SPB TV for webOS, SPB Software expands the list of
supported platforms (including also Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows
Mobile and Symbian), at the same time expanding the new line of TV 2.0 apps -
free-of-charge, no-subscription-fee programs supported with advertising
revenues. The application is ad-supported: an advertisement is shown while
the stream is buffering when user opens a channel.

SPB TV for webOS Main Features:

    - Quick channel preview (picture-in-picture)
    - Integrated TV guide
    - Video-on-demand
    - A wide selection of public TV channels
    - Adaptive network bandwidth control

Pricing and Availability

SPB TV for webOS is compatible with Palm Pre and Palm Pre Plus devices
with firmware version 1.4 and above. Palm Pixi and Palm Pixi Plus are
expected to become compatible with SPB TV app when firmware 1.4.1 becomes
available. The application can be downloaded from on-device AppCatalog for
free, there is also no monthly subscription fee. The application is
ad-supported: an advertisement is shown every time user switches the channel
while the stream is buffering.

About SPB Software (www.spb.com)

SPB is a leading brand in mobile software, standing for a unique line of
popular consumer products and partnerships with the world's most innovative
handset makers and wireless carriers. SPB's software solutions deliver richer
smartphone experiences and enable subscribers to do more with their mobile
data connections. SPB Software is the maker of the world's single number one
bestselling mobile application - SPB Mobile Shell. For more information,
please visit www.spb.com.

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Media Contact: Anton Nekhaenko, +7-812-956-3374, pr at spb.com

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