SwissINSO Issues Chairman's Letter to Shareholders

By Swissinso Holding Inc., PRNE
Sunday, January 16, 2011

LAUSANNE, Switzerland, January 17, 2011 - SwissINSO Holding Inc. (OTCBB:SWHN), a
leader in the development and application of solar-powered energy solutions
for water purification and for the heating/cooling of buildings, today issued
a Letter to Shareholders from its Chairman and Founder, Michel Gruering,
detailing the progress of its operations and outlook for the coming year. The
Letter will be posted on the company's website.

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The text of the Letter follows:

Dear Shareholders:

I am pleased to provide this year-end summary of our accomplishments in
2010 and our strategic initiatives moving forward in 2011.

During the past 12 months, we focused our attention on building the
financial, product and infrastructure foundations for our future growth.
Specifically, several key milestones were achieved, including the:

    - Successful closing of our initial round of financing in excess of $6

    - Securing of the first two orders for our Krystall ( tm ) water
    purification units and signing of distribution agreements for such units
    in Algeria and Malaysia;

    - Undertaking of two major new business market studies which validated
    our products and the market's need for them;

    - Identification of third-party leasing sources ready to commit to
    financing Krystall purchases by the public and private sectors;

    - Building of an enlarged production platform and infrastructure for
    Krystall to accommodate anticipated sales growth;

    - Addition of personnel in sales, marketing and technical support;

    - Move to new headquarters in the prestigious R&D Science Park at EPFL,
    further expanding our special relationship with LESO, the solar applied
    research laboratory of EPFL; and

    - Invitation to be an "official observer" at the UN Convention on Climate
    Change in Cancun, a sponsor of the World Climate Summit and an exhibitor
    at the Green Solutions trade show.

In 2011, we are moving ahead aggressively to become an established
world-wide provider of advanced solar-powered technologies in the areas of
water purification and the cooling/heating of buildings. The hard work
undertaken during 2010 is already paying off in these first few days of 2011:

    - We are in negotiations with several entities for the sale of a
    significant number of Krystall units;

    - Studies are underway in preparation for bidding on major infrastructure
    projects using Klymaa's ( tm ) cooling and heating technology;

    - There continues to be active interest in the company from several major
    investment groups; and

    - We are in advanced discussions with a major Asian global construction
    conglomerate for a joint venture in that part of the world.

I will be coming back to you shortly with more updates.

We believe that we have the right products at the right time, and we look
to 2011 with great excitement.

Thank you for the confidence you have shown in SwissINSO. On behalf of
Management and the Board of Directors, all best wishes for a healthy and
prosperous new year.

Michel Gruering

Chairman and Founder

Lausanne, January 17, 2011


SwissINSO utilizes its proprietary intellectual property
assets to provide environmentally friendly, innovative 100% solar-energy
solutions and related technologies to meet growing global needs. The
company's goal is to become a world leader in turn-key solutions using
renewable energy for the purification and desalination of water and the
cooling and heating of buildings. (

SwissINSO has two core businesses:

KRYSTALL is the world's first high-volume, 100% solar-powered turnkey
water purification system housed within two standard 40-ft (12,2m)
containers. Its patented reverse-osmosis technology can purify up to
100,000 liters per day of brackish/contaminated water or 50,000 liters of
seawater into pure drinking water. Operating and maintenance costs are a
fraction of conventional units.

Krystall is perfectly suited for servicing remote towns and villages,
humanitarian and relief situations, hotels, islands and turnkey camps.

A video of the Krystall water purification system can be found at

KLYMAA uses nano-composite solar coating technology to heat
and cool buildings via solar-collector glass façade panels in a wide variety
of colors and treatments.

"Safe Harbor" Statement: A number of statements contained in
this press release are forward-looking, made pursuant to the safe harbor
provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These
forward-looking statements involve a number of risks and uncertainties,
including our ability to raise capital when needed and on acceptable terms
and conditions, the intensity of competition, and general economic factors.
The actual results SwissINSO Holding Inc. may achieve could differ materially
from any forward-looking statements due to such risks and uncertainties.
SwissINSO Holding Inc. encourages the public to read the information provided
here in conjunction with its most recent filings, which can be viewed at:

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