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Monday, December 13, 2010

Sandler Research Announces it Will Carry Thin Film Photovoltaics and Batteries 2010-2020 Research Report in its store.

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This comprehensive report gives a thorough analysis of printed and thin
film photovoltaics and batteries.

The report covers companies, research institutes and universities that
are active in developing and commercialising thin film technologies for
photovoltaics and batteries. Photovoltaic technologies covered include CIGS,
CdTe DSSC, a-Si and organic photovoltaics. Learn how these technologies, each
at a different stage of development and adoption, are driven forward by both
government and leading companies in the field.

    Table Of Contents


    2.1.    Thin Film Photovoltaic Forecasts
    2.2.    Battery Forecasts

    3.      BATTERIES
    3.1.    Introduction
    3.2.    History
    3.3.    Structure
    3.4.    Key Products in Printed Batteries Industry
    3.5.    Principles and Operation
    3.6.    Supercapacitors supplement or rival batteries?
    3.7.    Thin Film Batteries - key companies
    3.7.1.  Power Paper
    3.7.2.  Blue Spark Technologies Inc.
    3.7.3.  Enfucell
    3.7.4.  Cymbet Corporation
    3.7.5.  Solicore
    3.7.6.  Infinite Power Solutions (IPS)
    3.7.7.  Excellatron
    3.7.8.  Nanotecture

    4.1.    Introduction
    4.2.    History

    5.1.    Principles and operations
    5.2.    Amorphous/nanoparticle Si
    5.2.1.  Introduction-Brief Description of technology
    5.3.    Amorphous /nanoparticle Si - Key Companies
    5.3.1.  Sharp
    5.3.2.  United Solar Ovonic
    5.3.3.  Mitsubishi Heavy industries
    5.3.4.  Kaneka
    5.3.5.  Q-cells (SONTOR and VHF-Technologies SA)
    5.3.6.  Fuji Electric Systems Co., Ltd.
    5.3.7.  ersol Solar Energy AG
    5.3.8.  Innovalight
    5.4.    CdTe
    5.4.1.  Introduction-Brief Description of technology
    5.5.    CdTe Key Companies
    5.5.1.  First Solar
    5.5.2.  Calyxo
    5.5.3.  Abound Solar
    5.5.4.  PrimeStar Solar
    5.6.    CIGS - CIS
    5.6.1.  Introduction - Brief Description of technology
    5.7.    CIGS - Key Companies
    5.7.1.  Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc.
    5.7.2.  Avancis
    5.7.3.  DayStar Technologies
    5.7.4.  Global Solar Energy
    5.7.5.  HelioVolt
    5.7.6.  Honda Soltec Co., Ltd.
    5.7.7.  IBM
    5.7.8.  Johanna Solar Technology
    5.7.9.  Miasole
    5.7.10. Nanosolar
    5.7.11. Odersun
    5.7.12. Showa Shell Sekiyu
    5.7.13. Solibro
    5.7.14. Solyndra
    5.7.15. Sulfurcell
    5.7.16. Wurth Solar
    5.8.    DSSC
    5.8.1.  Introduction-Brief Description of technology
    5.9.    DSSC - Key Companies
    5.9.1.  G24 Innovations
    5.9.2.  Dyesol
    5.10.   Organic Photovoltaics
    5.10.1. Introduction - Brief Description of technology
    5.11.   Organic Photovoltaics - Key Companies
    5.11.1. Konarka
    5.11.2. Plextronics
    5.11.3. Solarmer
    5.11.4. Heliatek
    5.12.   Research Institutes/Universities involved with thin film
            photovoltaic technologies
    5.12.1. AIST - National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and
    5.12.2. Arizona State University
    5.12.3. Colorado State University
    5.12.4. Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
    5.12.5. Florida Solar Energy Centre
    5.12.6. Fraunhofer ISE
    5.12.7. Helsinki University of technology (TKK)
    5.12.8. IMEC
    5.12.9. Imperial College London
    5.12.10.Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
    5.12.11.KAIST - Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
    5.12.12.Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
    5.12.13.Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
    5.12.14.National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
    5.12.15.University of Delaware - Institute of Energy Conversion (IEC)

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