Ukrainian President's Visit to Japan: Outlines

By Worldwide News Ukraine, PRNE
Sunday, January 23, 2011

KIEV, Ukraine, January 24, 2011 - The President of Ukraine completed his official visit to
Japan. "Japan is an important foreign partner of Ukraine," said Viktor

Upon the President's four-day visit to Japan the two countries
signed the Joint statement on Ukraine-Japan global partnership. Also,
Ukrainian President and the Prime Minister of Japan Naoto Kan approved
signing of the Loan Agreement between the State Export-Import Bank of Ukraine
(Ukreximbank) and the Japan Bank for International Cooperation. Under the
provisions of the Agreement, the Japanese bank loans Ukreximbank 800 million
(8 billion Japanese yen) to promote export of goods and services
from Japan and to support the economic development of Ukraine.

"Imagine one of the largest countries in Europe, which borders
on Russia to the East, the European Union to the West, and has a wide access
to the Black Sea in the South. Imagine a country that produces modern space
crafts, aircrafts and other modern engineering products," said Ukrainian
President at the first Ukrainian-Japanese forum Investment opportunities in
Ukraine, held in Tokyo. Yanukovych has also urged the Japanese businessmen to
invest in Ukraine mentioning that "Ukraine is three benefits in one: the
right time, the right place and the right decision."

Hakuo Yanagisawa, Chairman of the Japanese-Ukrainian Economic
Council, said: "Since the independence of your country, bilateral relations
between Japan and Ukraine have been developing successfully in all fields."
However, the Chairman pointed out that Ukraine does not use its potential to
the fullest.

The Chairman drew particular attention to the agricultural
potential of Ukraine, especially in the context of the global food crisis. He
mentioned that Japan bears a great deal of interest in activating bilateral
economic relations with Ukraine and assisting the country in taking its
leading place among the developed states.

On top of that, Viktor Yanukovych reaffirmed the commitment of
the Ukrainian government to ensure the proper and transparent utilization of
financial resources according to the Green Investment Scheme (GIS). He also
reiterated that Ukraine would soon identify specific GIS projects,
implementation of which will require Japanese technology and experience.

The possibility of visa regime simplification for Ukrainians
was in the spotlight as well. Ukraine has waived the visa requirement for
Japanese citizens six years ago.

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