Using Intoloop Kids to Record Your Child’s Life on the Timeline

By Intoloop, PRNE
Wednesday, October 12, 2011

HELSINKI, Finland, October 13, 2011 -

The timeline is something everyone is now talking about. The users of the popular Intoloop Kids online child journal have been able to record their child’s life onto the timeline already since April, when the service was launched. Causing a stir, Facebook announced its own Timeline a couple of weeks ago.

“With Intoloop Kids, events in the child’s life are recorded on the timeline with ease and security. It’s not even possible to use Facebook’s timeline for this purpose, as Facebook’s rules forbid creating an individual profile for a child. Facebook is hardly a suitable place to store information related to children in any case”, states Intoloop’s Chairman of the Board, Petri Hiissa.

Using the Intoloop Kids online child journal, parents can share their child’s daily goings-on, fun moments, and photos with friends and family. In Intoloop Kids, the social network is formed around the child, and it is the parents who choose the community members from close circles. The child’s information is safe within the service, as Intoloop Kids operates over secure connections - in the same way as online banking services do - and the full rights to the child’s information belong to the parents. Thousands of users are already employing the service in 15 different countries, and the circle is widening at a fast pace each day. Over $1.300.000 has been raised, from private investors as well as from the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation, to develop the service.

Soon you will be able to update your Intoloop Kids online child journal via mobile devices too. The Intoloop mobile applications for the iPhone and Android platforms will become available during this month. The Intoloop mobile app will make your family’s routines easier, by making it effortless and fast to record the daily happenings and photos online. Even though a small child’s parents are busy most of the time, it won’t take more than a few seconds to share the moments with your chosen close ones via the mobile application.

“In the modern days of communication, filling in a child journal with your mobile phone and computer can feel more natural to most parents, compared with using a printed, traditional baby book”, says Hiissa. According to Hiissa, the photographic features in modern smartphones are more than adequate for recording a child’s daily life. In addition, the mobile phone is always with you, also when you’re on the move with the kids. Both Intoloop Kids and the mobile apps are completely free for all users.

Intoloop Kids is your fun-filled online child journal. The Intoloop online service is developed by Starduck Studios Ltd. in Finland. The company was founded in 2009. The company currently employs seven people. Intoloop is a registered trademark of Starduck Studios Ltd.

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