Violence and Media Frenzy Around Western Sahara: the Region Needs Appeasement

By Institut Thomas More, PRNE
Sunday, November 28, 2010

Antonin Tisseron, Research Fellow at the Thomas More Institute

PARIS and BRUSSELS, November 29, 2010 - With the dismantling of the El-ayoun camp by Moroccan
authorities on 8 November and the failure of the round of talks conducted
between Morocco and the Polisario Front in New York, the Western Saharan
issue has caught the attention of Western leaders and the public opinion.

While the circumstances surrounding these obstacles are not
yet fully understood, it cannot be denied that the media frenzy escalated
immediately- with its share of excessive reactions. The usage of photographs
of Palestinian children (published on a pro-Polisario website) by several
Spanish media agencies in order to illustrate the consequences of the actions
of the Moroccan security forces, is an example of irresponsible behaviour
which only serves to add fuel to the fire.

In any case, this sudden violent episode has allowed us to
observe, once again, the Front Polisario's current tendency towards
radicalisation (noted by some experts), a probable sign of its weakening,
even its disintegration…

In sharp contrast to these excesses, the UN has shown more

What the region needs is stability and appeasement.
Suggestions are on the table (including the 2007 Moroccan proposal of
regional autonomy). It is time for all the actors- of countries within this
zone but also Europeans, as Christopher Ross, special UN for the Sahara, has
stated- to participate in a dialogue whose aim is to allow all the
protagonists to come out of the conflict with their dignity intact.

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