Ziehm Academy Reports Strong Demand for Basic and Advanced Training in Intraoperative Imaging

By Ziehm Imaging, PRNE
Tuesday, July 19, 2011

NUREMBERG, Germany, July 20, 2011 -


- Tailored Training Concept for 30
Iraqi Customers of Richard Wolf GmbH

Ziehm Imaging, established in Nuremberg in 2008, reports a huge
increase in demand for its training programs. In 2010 alone, the
number of participants doubled for technical courses given by
mobile C-arm manufacturer

Ziehm Imaging. Individualized training programs developed and
held in cooperation with larger customers and partners also
experienced a sharp rise in popularity. These included a tailored
training course for 30 Iraqi users of the new lithotripsy machine
manufactured by Richard Wolf GmbH which took place in spring

Tailored training concepts for large
customers and partners

Ziehm Imaging has been supporting clinical users of its C-arms
for many years through a broad range of basic and advanced training
opportunities. The Ziehm Academy offering extends from basic
technical training through to advanced, audience-specific courses
in intraoperative imaging. These training programs, also given in
the form of roadshows across various locations worldwide, deliver
an intensive, needs-driven learning experience in small groups.

Recently, Ziehm Imaging stepped up its training offering in
cooperation with its larger customers and partners. In spring 2011,
the company ran a specialized course for 30 Iraqi lithotripsy
specialists. The course was developed in cooperation with Ziehm
Imaging’s long-term customer, Richard Wolf GmbH - a leading
manufacturer of endoscopes and products for minimally invasive
surgery - and took place at the Ziehm Academy in Nuremberg. Richard
has been working with Ziehm Imaging for over 20 years and
equipped all generations of its lithotriptors with Ziehm Imaging
technology. This training course was tailored precisely to the
needs of the Iraqi participants and coordinated closely with
Richard Wolf, which integrated the course as a module in their
overall learning program. “We attach great importance to intensive
training for users of our products.

Ziehm Imaging is the perfect partner - not only have they
supported us by supplying us with their technology over decades,
but they also offer an outstanding after-sales service,” says Peter
, Head of ESWT/ESWL at Richard Wolf GmbH.

Increasing safety for users and
patients with intensive training

Looking beyond high-tech advances, Ziehm Imaging regards ongoing
training as an essential step in the move to bring innovative
technologies to clinical environments in a safe and effective
manner. “Our training aims to improve clinical results - and thus
provide better patient care. To achieve this, we work in small
groups and in close collaboration with our customers to regularly
develop tailored training concepts,” explains Günter Stelzer,
Director Special Projects and Education at Ziehm Imaging. Due to
popular demand,

Ziehm Imaging is planning more individual training formats. You
can sign up for current and future training courses at href="www.ziehmacademy.com/">www.ziehmacademy.com.

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