AHEB Investment Group in Joint Venture Partnership for UK Green Energy Park

By Aheb Investment Group, PRNE
Tuesday, April 12, 2011

LIMASSOL, Cyprus, April 13, 2011 - Further to AHEB Investment Group's announcement in December
regarding the appointment of QuickSilver Project Management Group as the
preferred exclusive project manager for AHEB Group clients, AHEB is now
pleased to announce the start of its latest joint venture partnership
project, a green energy park in the UK. The company now invites all
interested partner investors to come forward.

AHEB Investment Group (www.ahebgroup.com/) announced
its exclusive partnership with QuickSilver in December 2010, designed to
offer AHEB clients bespoke project management including project planning and
design, execution, monitoring and control. QuickSilver has a team of UK based
consultants with a wealth of experience managing major projects, allowing
select clients of AHEB to enjoy expert assistance at every stage of their

During this ongoing successful partnership, designed to
complement the strengths of the two companies, QuickSilver has now also
introduced a new business partner, who will join AHEB Investment Group in a
new Joint Venture partnership, taking full advantage of AHEB's in-depth and
sophisticated knowledge of the complex financing and funding requirements of
major global projects. Under the agreement, AHEB will be a shareholder as
well providing financial consulting and guidance for the duration of the
project and will have sole responsibility for securing its funding, a
projected cost of GBP 750 million. It will also provide funding opportunities
in part through its network of investor partners.

The project, now currently in the planning process, comprises
a state-of-the-art Centre of Excellence Bio-Mass to Energy Multi Sub-Project
Park, effectively utilising one project's waste as another project's raw

The Park will provide in excess of 400 megawatts of green electricity and
produce over 3,000 tonnes of fruit and vegetables a year through a
hydroponics facility. Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without the
use of soil, through the use of water containing mineral nutrients. An aqua
culture farm will also produce 2000 tonnes of high quality fish and all
carbon byproducts produced by the plant will be completely captured and
absorbed. In addition to these environmentally friendly initiatives, all
excess heat produced by the facility will be diverted for the use of a
purpose-built leisure facility, available for the exclusive benefit of the
local community.

The project is expected to create some 320 long term permanent
jobs whilst adding value and sustainability to downstream local support
companies in the surrounding areas. The partner company delivering the
project will use its own in-house proprietary innovative technology to create
the plant, which will be a world first in terms of full scale commercial
adoption of this type of synergistic model. A rollout of further similar
projects globally is also currently being negotiated between the new partner
and AHEB Investment Group.

During the coming months, the company will be releasing
further details on the project and the nature of the joint venture, along
with providing regular news and update on the progress of the energy project
through a dedicated website which is currently in development for this

AHEB Investment Group calls all partner investors who are
interested in supporting this major project either through provision of
collateral or direct investment of funds, to contact them directly.

About AHEB Investment Group

AHEB Investment Group was founded in 2008 to provide professional support
and consulting regarding financing to businesses of large and medium size but
also start up enterprises. AHEB specializes in assisting the development of
large commercial and industrial projects by offering financing solutions and
advisory support. Successful projects include real estate developments,
construction including large hotels, energy based projects covering power
plants and oil rigs with other major purchases of ships and aircraft. AHEB's
relationships with principal global and regional banking institutions and its
network of investment partners enable client businesses to also secure
arrangement of collateral and to receive unrivalled support throughout the
financing process.

Members of the AHEB Investment Group network of investors can login to
the secure area of the AHEB website using their access codes and view
further details on the project in the Partnership Investment Opportunities

For further information about AHEB Investment Group, visit
www.ahebgroup.com , email info@ahebgroup.com or call +1-347-4166069.

For further information about AHEB Investment Group, visit
www.ahebgroup.com , or contact Andreas Charalambous, Director, email info at ahebgroup.com or call +1-347-4166069.

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