Canton Fair: Trade Matching Activity - A Diamond Platform

By China Foreign Trade Centre, PRNE
Tuesday, November 9, 2010

GUANGZHOU, China, November 10, 2010 - For most of the trade show attendants, finding the perfect partner among
booths and exhibitors may not be an easy task. To help buyers with different
needs cope with this problem, the Canton Fair now provides "Trade Matching
Activity", where buyers and suppliers can have a face-to-face negotiation
with each other. It has been praised as a "diamond platform" at the Canton

Through the "Trade Matching Activity", Onninen Group of Finland, with 160
branches in 8 European countries and over 3300 employers, has obtained
information from over 70 potential suppliers. They hope there will be more
opportunities to organize this kind of interactive trade matching activity,
so they could find more quality suppliers. "If the Canton Fair is considered
as a Golden Platform, I would say today's activity is a Diamond Platform,"
said Mr. Sun Guotao, Far East Chief Representative of Onninen Group of

Home Center Kohnan, a Japanese corporation that has an annual import of
500 million USD, comes to the Canton Fair with a procurement list ranging
from building material to home kitchenware. The Trade Matching Activity they
hold attracts more than 50 suppliers in the fair. Both buyers and suppliers
go through discussion over manufacturing specification, price and quality of
various products. Ms. Haruko Arakawa, Corporate Officer and General Manager
of the Overseas Business Department, said since the financial crisis, the
Home Center Kohnan relied more on direct import overseas products and had
stronger demand for high quality products with low price. To their notice, as
the Chinese have been getting more and more competitive in recent years,
Chinese products have taken up 70% of their imports. The Home Center Kohnan
expects Chinese companies to provide products that meet the demand of the
Japanese market.

Trade Matching Activity injects fresh vitality to the historic Canton
Fair, and many buyers leave with a fruitful day. Along with the global
economic recovery, the Canton Fair, which always keeps up with the times,
will undoubtedly be the first-class platform for better products and better

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