First >>World Ocean Review<< Now Available in English

By Maribus Ggmbh, PRNE
Wednesday, January 26, 2011

HAMBURG, Germany, January 27, 2011 - Following its major impact in German-speaking countries, the >>World
Ocean Review<< (WOR) is now available in English.

WOR's declared aim is to mobilize science in order to create an
understanding of the state of the world's oceans, thus generating awareness
of ocean concerns among the international public.

Our oceans are changing: climate change is driving temperatures and sea
levels upwards, and is rapidly acidifying seawater. Our over-exploitation and
pollution of the oceans will have drastic and sustained impacts on the
planet's largest ecosystem - yet the consequences are still largely unknown.
Scientists all over the world are therefore engaged in an urgent quest to
better understand the opportunities and risks that our oceans hold for the

Nikolaus Gelpke, initiator of the WOR project and publisher of the
mareverlag publishing house, established the non-profit company maribus gGmbH
two years ago with the aim of increasing public awareness of the
interconnected nature of the diverse aspects of the marine environment and
thus boosting marine conservation. The World Ocean Review is maribus's first
publication. To produce this review, a team of partners were assembled who
are renowned for their many years of commitment to the ocean realm and
expertise at the forefront of scientific inquiry:

The Cluster of Excellence >>The Future Ocean<< - a research alliance
involving more than 250 scientists investigating climate and ocean change at
diverse institutes in the German city of Kiel - emerged as the key partner.
Drawing on the alliance's outstanding expertise and applying an
interdisciplinary approach, more than 40 scientists within the Cluster have
authored this first World Ocean Review. Cooperation with the mareverlag
publishing house has delivered a text written in a clear and accessible

The two other partners are the International Ocean Institute (IOI)
founded by Elisabeth Mann Borgese, and the non-profit Ocean Science and
Research Foundation (OSRF) also established by her. The IOI provides
logistical support, its close association with the work of the United Nations
playing an important role. The OSRF provides financial backing for the

Nikolaus Gelpke, director of maribus and publisher of mareverlag, is
delighted that WOR has succeeded in condensing a vast amount of information
into a successful publication: >>The World Ocean Review allows us to
understand the complexity of our oceans and the critical nature of their
present state, thus bringing these concerns and the urgent need to respond to
the forefront of public awareness.<<

Professor Dr. Martin Visbeck, spokesperson of the Cluster of Excellence
>>The Future Ocean<<: >>WOR delivers an accessible report on the state of the
world's oceans and their interplay with ecological, economic and
sociopolitical conditions. This first World Ocean Review explains the key
role played by the oceans in climate change processes, probes the uncertain
future of our coasts, and reveals the mechanisms behind mounting marine
pollution and misguided fishery policies. Yet it also highlights the search
for mineral and energy resources on the ocean floor that may be vital for the
future, and the great prospects of deriving medical knowledge and active
substances from the oceans.<<

The World Ocean Review is not sold, but distributed free of charge. There
is no commercial intent. The review is available at Beside the English-language version, there
is also one in German. The entire review will be published simultaneously
online at and can be used without restriction
for non-commercial purposes.

World Ocean Review, published by maribus gGmbH, Hamburg 2010, 236 pages,
with numerous illustrations and photographs, paperback.


    Contact maribus gGmbH:
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    Contact >>The Future Ocean<<:
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    Dr. Anke Feiler-Kramer
    Phone: +49-431-880-3032

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