Rohde & Schwarz Enters a New Market Segment With Oscilloscopes

By Rohde Schwarz, PRNE
Monday, June 28, 2010

MUNICH, June 29, 2010 - Munich-based electronics specialist Rohde & Schwarz is now entering the
global oscilloscope market. With this move, the company - already a
successful international supplier of test and measurement equipment to
customers in several industries, especially wireless communications - is
expanding its T&M portfolio. "Our customers expect us to offer a complete
line of test and measurement products, and that includes oscilloscopes,"
explains President and CEO Michael Vohrer. "We are happy to meet this demand,
because it means stepping into a highly interesting market with first-rate
innovations. This is how we plan to sustain growth." The market for
oscilloscopes is around one billion dollars worldwide.

Oscilloscopes are used everywhere - from the automotive industry to
consumer electronics manufacturing and university research departments - to
find errors during the development and servicing of electrical equipment. In
applications like these, speed and precision are crucial. These two factors
were priority concerns for Rohde & Schwarz during the development of its new
product line. Another major focus was on simplifying work. "High speed, a
user interface we consider to be nothing less than inspired, and precise
results - this is what we offer," says Vohrer.

"Clearly, we understand that we are moving into a contested market
segment," explains Vohrer. "But we are confident that we can quickly capture
market share and succeed in convincing our customers with this completely new
generation of oscilloscopes." The 7400-employee company operates in three
other business fields besides test and measurement: broadcasting,
radiomonitoring and radiolocation, and secure communications. Rohde & Schwarz
is among the world's leading suppliers in all four.

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