AGT International Introduces Transformational Urban Management Solutions to China’s Mayors

By Agt International, PRNE
Sunday, November 13, 2011

THE HAGUE, The Netherlands, November 14, 2011 -

AGT International, one of the fastest growing public safety and security solutions organizations in the world, today announced that it will be hosting a group of mayors from the National Academy of Mayors of China (NAMC) for a tour of key sites in the Netherlands. The trip will include lectures from leading experts from AGT International and AGT Netherlands about the latest urban and water management solutions, including transformational mobile sensor technology and flood sensors.  

The visit is part of the agreement signed between the NAMC and AGT International, which also provides recurring training seminars to NAMC mayors in China, and will include meetings with senior Dutch government officials, including Mayors and urban managers.  

“As cities continue to expand in China and populations continue to grow, new challenges of city management and limited resources confront authorities and communities alike. AGT International’s solutions allow city managers to predict, prepare for, prevent and manage these challenges,” said Mati Kochavi, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of AGT International.  

“The most exciting innovations include the use of mobile phones as mobile sensors to assist with urban management, notably, our Distributed Environmental Sensing solution,” said Mr Kochavi. “This will enable citizens and municipal authorities to monitor environmental conditions in their local communities from a small, self-powered sensor that samples gasses and other airborne particles. The sensor is wirelessly connected to a mobile phone that collects and integrates the data, sending it to a central server for processing, and advanced visualization. The potential for this technology in a country with a population as big, and growing, as China, is immense. It could, for example, provide a constant, detailed picture of the air quality across the country, enabling decisions such as those affecting traffic flows to be made to reduce the impact of pollution on specific communities.”

AGT international’s Urban Management solutions utilize data from mobile and stationary sensors, social networks, and existing urban databases, to generate a Unified Situation Awareness Picture (USAP) that provides intuitive status visualizations, triggers alerts, recommends actions, and delivers predictive and forecasting capabilities. The Integrated Water Asset Management platform provides a precise, real-time status of all monitored water assets, as well as actionable recommendations, enabling authorities to predict flooding and riverbed breach, simulate flooding, and receive real-time alerts about infrastructure weaknesses.

“By hosting the mayors in the Netherlands we will show how Dutch know-how in water management, combined with the global experience and expertise of AGT International, can provide solutions to deal with the urban and water management challenges experienced in countries such as China,” said Pieter-Christiaan van Oranje-Nassau, CEO of AGT Netherlands. “Our solutions collect real-time sensor input from new and legacy systems to generate a real-time image of an asset, a city or a river. Utilizing advanced prediction and simulation software to generate alerts and recommendations, our solutions provide real-time, actionable intelligence that allow for the management of traffic, urban centers or water assets.”

In addition to the agreement signed with the NAMC, AGT international has signed an MOU with the Ministry of Water Resources in China to develop advanced flood management solutions, using AGT International’s Smart Dike technology, to protect China’s river embankments and reservoirs, and offer unique emergency response applications that support communities before and during flood disaster activities. AGT currently operates the largest safe city project of its kind in the Middle East and protects key assets near cities in India. Our solutions are also supporting projects in Eindhoven and Utrecht on urban and water management.

AGT International recently showcased its water management solutions at International Water Week in the Netherlands. Mark Rutte, Prime Minister of the Netherlands, visited our booth and was given a demonstration on how our solutions make dikes more smart and efficient and, as a result, reduce the cost of maintenance. Mr Rutte responded that this is the kind of innovation we need and that he is very happy to see.

About AGT International/AGT Netherlands:

One of the fastest-growing public safety and security solutions organizations in the world, AGT International has operations across the globe.

Led by a unique vision, AGT International offers innovative solutions in the areas of critical infrastructure and border protection, urban management, cyber security, transportation, law enforcement, and natural disaster preparedness, helping unlock the world’s potential by enabling the free flow of goods, services, people, and ideas.

Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, AGT International employs 2,000 people worldwide, representing more than 30 nationalities. The organization was founded in 2007, and is managing $8 billion in projects. AGT International is led by Founder and CEO, Mati Kochavi, who is also Chairman of 3i-MIND.

AGT International is represented in the Netherlands by AGT Netherlands, led by CEO Pieter-Christiaan van Oranje-Nassau. AGT Netherlands provides turnkey public safety solutions for the environments of today and tomorrow, focusing on water and flood management as well as command and control centers, combining local know-how with the global experience of AGT International.

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