MediaTek Aims to Offer the Best Digital Home Entertainment Platform

By Mediatek Inc., PRNE
Monday, October 4, 2010

Becoming the Strategic Partner to Provide the High Performance Total Solutions for Global Customers

HSINCHU, Taiwan, October 5, 2010 - MediaTek Inc., a leading fabless semiconductor company for wireless
communications and digital multimedia solutions, today announced a series of
digital TV SoC solutions with high resolution and performance, assisting its
customers to deliver the most competitive products for the new era of digital
home entertainment.

MediaTek provides not only the highly integrated silicon chip to global
customers, also market-proven software and reference designs. MediaTek
Digital TV product line offers broad range of advanced SoC solutions,
including mobile TV, full HD TV, connected TV and 3D TV. Its rich product
offerings enable the global TV manufacturers to achieve the leading status. As
a leading IC design company, MediaTek has very in-depth understanding of
integration and compatibility of system design. MediaTek is also one of a few
TV IC providers that are able to provide both digital TV and Blu-ray DVD
players (including DVD players) SoC solutions, offering the best digital home
entertainment platform.

Mr. Ryan Chen, General Manager of Digital TV BU at MediaTek Inc., said,
"One of the competitive advantages for MediaTek is that many core
technologies could be applied cross product lines. For example, with the
increasing demand of various format of multimedia, enabling related
applications becomes a required feature for consumer electronics devices.
MediaTek develops multimedia solutions, such as coding and decoding
technologies, can be used in TV, Blu-ray DVD/DVD player, and handset
products. As a result, it can maximize the economic scale on the investment
of leading technology development. With this IP convergence and cross-product
synergy, MediaTek is able to deliver reliable yet cost-effective IC

Besides, MediaTek has developed the WW Common Platform solution that
supports all the global digital TV standards, such as ATSC in North America,
DVB in Europe, DTMB in China, and SBTVD in Brazil. With MediaTek Worldwide
common platform enabled, TV makers can enjoy a much simplified system design
process, as well as high flexibility of design customization. It can reduce
customers' R&D resources so they can focus on more advanced technology
development and product differentiation. Moreover, it can enhance the time to
market and customers' competitiveness to fulfil consumers' needs.

Mr. Ryan Chen, General Manager of Digital TV BU at MediaTek Inc., further
stated, "As consumer electronics industry is entering the digital convergence
and internet-enable era, the system is getting more and more sophisticated.
For example, TV and Blu-ray DVD products need to equip built-in Internet or
3D function. To lead the trend, TV manufacturers starts investing more
resources on advanced technologies. Striving to serve as the best strategic
partner, MediaTek keeps providing industry-leading TV SoC solutions which
enable the best visual experience ever."

About MediaTek Inc.

MediaTek Inc. is a leading fabless semiconductor company for wireless
communications and digital multimedia solutions. The company is a market
leader and pioneer in cutting-edge SOC system solutions for wireless
communications, high-definition TV, optical storage, DVD and Blu-ray
products. Founded in 1997 and listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange under the code
"2454", MediaTek is headquartered in Taiwan and has sales and research
subsidiaries in Mainland China, Singapore, India, U.S., Japan, Korea, Denmark
and England. For more information, please visit MediaTek's website at

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