New AGNITAS Survey: E-mailing Reach is up to 40% Higher Than Tracked

By Agnitas Ag, PRNE
Sunday, April 10, 2011

E-Mail Marketing in the Picture Trap - or why E-Mailing Advertising Effectiveness Calculations are Incorrect

MUNICH, April 11, 2011 - E-mailing reach is generally up to 40% higher than reported by
mail programs. This is the most important finding of a survey by AGNITAS, the
provider of OpenEMM, the most popular open source software for newsletters,
e-mail marketing and transactional e-mails worldwide. Test evaluations have
shown that numerous recipients of e-mailings do actually read these mails
although registered as "non-openers". Moreover, the newsletters are not only
read, but also clicked on and "non-openers" even make purchases.

A major problem facing e-mail service providers (ESPs) is the
increasing number of recipients suppressing embedded pictures. ESPs measure
opening rates using a "Tracking Pixel". Recipients reading the e-mail in text
mode without pictures do not activate this tracking pixel and aren't
registered as readers.

AGNITAS analyzed the number of openings and clicks of
approximately 18 million commercial e-mails. A considerable share - some 28%
- of all those who clicked did not actually open the e-mail in a way allowing
measurement. As such the share of readers is roughly 40% higher than the
"openers" shown.

The Picture Trap: The opening rate for e-mailings is generally up to 40%
higher than expected

Almost one in three clicks were made by recipients, who,
according to the standard mailing program's reporting, had not even opened
the e-mail. Counting the clickers who have been tracked as openers against
the registered openers allows the share of non-registered openers to be
determined via the untracked clickers.

For more detailed information about the survey and its
results, download the free file at:


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