Siemens plc Launches Sustainability Month - Company-wide Initiative in the UK Converts Energy Savings to Cash for Environmental Causes

By Siemens Plc, PRNE
Thursday, April 29, 2010

LONDON, April 30, 2010 - Siemens plc has launched its inaugural 'Sustainability Month'
across the company in the UK, with all energy savings made converted to
donations for local community and environmental programmes.

Taking place in May and supporting the Prince's May Day
Network and World Environment Day, the month aims to encourage Siemens'
employees to be involved in energy saving and environmental programmes and to
take small personal actions that, although simple, can make a real

It is estimated that tens of thousands of pounds could be
saved across the company during the month - which will be donated to local
environmental causes chosen by employees themselves.

Andreas J. Goss, Chief Executive at Siemens plc, said:
"Sustainability is a central tenet of our business, both in terms of what we
deliver to our customers and how our company operates. Through Sustainability
Month we will build upon existing practices and policies, encouraging our
employees to take actions that will also benefit worthwhile causes across the
country. Creating a sustainable future means minimising our impact on the
environment - we all have a personal stake and a part to play."

Ian Bowman, Head of Corporate Responsibility at Siemens plc,
said: "The month is focused on stepping up and further embedding our energy
reduction practices and will highlight how all our employees can contribute
in small ways to make a big difference. If every Siemens employee makes just
one small energy saving this can have a big impact and raise money for local
causes at the same time."

The key areas to be focused on during Siemens' Sustainability
Month are electricity, waste and travel, with employees being provided with
tips on some of the best ways to save power, reduce the impact of travel and
cut waste. Employees will be encouraged to focus on simple things, such as
switching off their PC monitor at the socket at night, setting printers to
double sided and using desktop conferencing rather than travelling to

Each week during the month all Siemens sites across the UK
will get an ongoing update of their carbon footprint savings.

Globally, Siemens has set itself ambitious internal ecological targets.
CO2 emissions are to be reduced by 20 percent in relationship to revenue by
the year 2011. In the UK, in 2007, Siemens plc moved into its 'low carbon'
headquarters at Frimley, which is a showcase of Siemens' state of the art
technology. The company now uses 30 percent less electricity on this site
than at the previous headquarters. Siemens reduced its CO2 footprint in the
UK last year by 10 percent.

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